I go by Luna. Born and raised in the Midwest. Went to a university, studied engineering.  Graduated and landed a job right out of college on the East Coast. I had a very good upbringing, I do not take a day for granted. It brings me joy to help others and to treat everyone with kindness.  I actually contribute to society, have a good head on my shoulders and through all of this, I managed to be high the entire time!

“I do not look like the typical pot head.”

Actual, if you were to just see me walking past you on the sidewalk, you would never believe that I was a pot head. But I am, and here we are. The reason I am here is because I am tire of the weed girl stereotype. Which, nowadays is some half naked woman smoking a bong and trying to make it look as sexual as possible. I do understand that “sex” sells and there are women out there that are this way and are fine portraying this to the world. I’m here for all the women that just like to smoke weed in their sweat pants in front of the TV, with a box of pizza.

Rob and I go way back,

We’re actually high school BFF’s (Best Friends Forever!). AND we managed to stay friends up until now! We have this ongoing joke where we like to call each other out on being twins. We both think pretty similarly and for some reason we managed to make the same decisions. A small insignificant example was that we bought the same type of shoes the other day and did not even tell each other about it. I didn’t find out about the shoes until he was showing them off on Snapchat. That was a dumb story, but you should get what I mean. It’s small things like this and other larger life lessons we’ve learned that makes us twins in a way. Also, if you looked at the both of us side by side you would no way in hell think that we had anything in common.

Since the early stages of our friendship, we both realized that we have the same mindset. We did not want to end up working mundane jobs for the rest of our lives. I’m sure Rob can elaborate on this, but a few years into his career Rob decided to become an entrepreneur and venture out with his business ideas. I have always envied his confidence in what he wanted in life, and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that he (and a few drugs) convinced me to just go through with my dream and start a joint blog about my favorite pastime, Marijuana.

Rob and I both want to enlighten those that think poorly about weed and let everyone know that it’s actually OKAY and a lot of successful people can live out their lives as respectable contributing citizens! We both lead happy weed lives and you should too!