What It’s Like To Mix Alcohol and Weed

By Luna / August 17, 2017

Everyone knows what alcohol does to your system, a few drinks and you are feeling good.  Having a one too many drinks causes intoxication.  If you are responsible then this could be a good night or it could head a different direction.  Smoking weed can also be over done, if you smoke too much you can feel a little nauseous and dizzy.

What a night of drinking and smoking lead to, if you aren’t careful

I feel like a majority of us have been there.  You are out in public drinking away, you are getting towards the end of your fun filled night and head back to a buddies.  At this point you are pretty drunk, but your friend is offering to smoke you out.  You remember that you love weed and automatically say yes!

Your friend passes the joint to you and you take a few puffs and sit and lay back on the couch.  Two minutes in and you are feeling really good.  You’ve got a good mixture of alcohol and weed in your system. You then think, I should probably take a few more hits.  After those few extra hits, that’s when your night starts going downhill.  “The spins” start to set in, which literally means your mind head starts to spin and you start getting really dizzy and nauseous.  Now is probably the best time to find a toilet.

Is there a happy medium?

From my experiences, I believe that a happy medium is achievable.  I feel like the only way that this is possible is for one to know their limits.  I have smoked and drank alcohol enough times to know what my body is capable of.

One of my most recent experiences of smoking and drinking at the same time was at my cousin’s wedding.  It was a destination wedding and the location was beautiful.  My sister was able to buy some weed off of my other cousin’s airbnb neighbor and she saved it for the day of the big day.  Everyone was dressed beautifully, the bride was as gorgeous as could be, and the food was to die for.  There also happened to be a free flowing open bar so everyone had a pretty good buzz going half way through the reception.

This was the time we decided to take out the blunt and find a secluded area to light up.  This was probably the best idea we had during this trip. Before smoking our night was a solid six on the fun scale, after taking a few hits our night from a six to a twelve.  We were taking advantage of the beautiful sunset, taking a ton of photos, and dancing up a storm.  My cousins wedding was a prime example of being able to mix alcohol and smoke weed.  You just have to know your tolerance for both and do not over do it.

You Learn from Your Mistakes

I have had experiences where I do end up getting sick.  It’s usually when I have drank too much and already feeling dizzy to begin with.  I think that I am able to take a hit or two but realize that I am in over my head and head straight to the bathroom.  Throwing up and being drunk/high is one of the worst combinations, because at the same time you are having really high thoughts and cannot figure out when you are exactly done being sick.  From these mistakes I have learned how to balance the two and enjoy myself.


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