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By rob / January 18, 2018

15% Discount at Atmos RX

Atmos RX is a company specializing in marijuana vaporizers. This 15% off coupon is for new customers and can only be used once. Enjoy!

15% Discount at Atmos RX

Atmos RX is a company specializing in marijuana vaporizers. This 15% off coupon is for new customers and can only be used once. Enjoy!

Use the Atmos coupon supplied above to save 15% on your total purchase. You can only use this discount once so be mindful of that when you use it. Squeeze as much juice out of it as you can.


ruva kitAtmos RX is a company that specializes in making portable marijuana vaporizers. They are one of the top innovators in the industry and many companies have been inspired by their devices. AtmosRX is a market leader and a revolutionary company due to the new technologies they have pioneered over the years.

Before AtmosRX joined the vaporizers industry, all the vaporizers were mostly bulky and not convenient by any means. The vapes on the market were mostly desktop devices and clunky, so-called, portable devices. The company saw the gap in the market and launched their portable vaporizers which have a pen-like design. Their innovative designs came at just the right time as people began to crave a concealable and pocketable vaporizer. Due to other companies fancying their designs, they have had to patent many of their designs. These new vaporizers were a hit in the market and Atmos RX’s strategies have clearly worked. Atmos collaborates with other players in the industry and their customers alike to make devices that we really want. They’ve even collaborated with a popular hip-hop artist and stoner, Tyga, to come up with a new device. It’s called the Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit. If you don’t have a dab pen yet, it’s worth checking out.

The following are some of the types of vaporizers from Atmos RX:

Dry Herb Vaporizers – These are vaporizers that are made to use dry herbs and other related and compatible products. They have a heating chamber which heats the herbs and produces vapor. These kinds of devices don’t give off a lot of smoke. In fact, they don’t give off any smoke. They produce a light vapor that is pure in its essence. You can really taste the herb and it’s not as bad for you as smoking. There are fewer carcinogens in vapor than in smoke. A lot less. Don’t be confused when you don’t see a big cloud of smoke. You will still feel intense effects. Their dry herb vaporizers include the Astra 2 Kit, Aegis Kit, Ruva Kit, Boss Kit, and many others.

E-Liquid Vaporizers – These are vaporizers that use e-liquids and essential oils. Atmos’s lineup of E-liquid vaporizers includes the Vital Kit, Optimus Kit, and Optimus X Blister Pack among others.

Wax Vaporizers – These types of vaporizers use waxy substances, more commonly known as dabs. Atmos has the following products in this category: Tyga X Shine Kiln RA Kit, Q3 Kit, Jewel Kit, R2 Kit, and several other kits.

Multi-Purpose Vaporizers – As you can tell from their name, these are vaporizers which can use a myriad of compounds fit for vaporization. These devices can use, for example, concentrates, liquids, or dry herb products. Examples of multi-purpose vaporizers from Atmos RX include the Vicod 5G, Tyga X Shine Pillar Kit, and Atmos RX Complete Kit. You can use the coupon voucher with any of these items.

Other Items

Apart from vaporizers, Atmos RX also sells other related items.

Batteries and Attachments – Atmos offers many types of batteries for their devices with different power ratings. Using their various attachments, you can create your own custom vaporizer.

E-Liquids – Atmos RX also manufactures and sells their own brands of E-liquids. Some of their most popular e-liquids include Salt Lake, Junky, Heaven’s Lube, USA, and many others.

Accessories – Products in this category include spare or replacement parts for items under their line, Atmos branded apparel, packing brushes, hardcover cases, intellichargers, USB cables, wall chargers, car chargers, filters, mesh screens, and many others.

Final Thoughts

AtmosRX is one of the most successful companies in the vaping industry. Their products have gained notoriety among seasoned stoners which is a testament to their quality and value. Their immense catalog of products gives users variety and is designed to cater to everyone’s preferences. Atmos RX products can be purchased from their website or other certified shops and distributors. If the retailer is not certified, don’t buy from them. They most likely have a clone or a fake. If you buy directly from them, you get to use the Atmos RX coupon code as well. I like to purchase directly from Atmos RX to ensure I get a genuine and quality vaporizer.

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