New To The Weed World? Learn The Basics To Smoking Out Of A Bong Here

By Luna / January 9, 2018

Learning to smoke out of a bong is one of the biggest accomplishments for a newbie pot smoker.  After reading this guide you WILL be a bong expert.  You will also learn a few cool things a long the way.

Let’s Start With What Makes Up A Bong

  • The Bowl is where you will placing your weed in.
  • The Stem attached to the bowl (downstem)  is what extends down into the base of the bong.  This is where it is submerged in the water.
  • The base is where the water of the bong is held.
  • The smoke chamber is long and cylindrical. It is what extends from the base.
  • The mouthpiece is opening at the top of the smoke chamber.  This is where you will inhale the smoke.

You will notice that a lot of the bongs that you come across are made of glass.  But there are a lot of other materials such as wood, ceramic, and plastic that can be used to make a bong.

Step 1.

Fill your bong with water

You are going to fill the bong through the mouth piece or through the stem hole.  You will want the stem to be submerged.  So fill the base approximately half way.  You will know if you have filled it too high because when you suck or inhale from the mouth piece the water will splash your mouth.

Step 2.

Pack the bowl

Break up your weed with your grinder. When you have done so pack it into the bong bowl and slide that piece into the down stem.

Step 3.

At this point you will have filled your bong with water and will be able to see if the stem is submerged sufficiently enough to create the perfect bubbles. In order to do this you have to position your mouth over the mouth piece and start inhaling to see the bubbles.

Step 4.

 Light your weed.

While you are inhaling through the mouth piece, you should light a portion of the cannabis in the bowl.  As you inhale the bong chamber will fill with smoke.  Keep the weed burning and keep inhaling enough too fill it up with smoke.  (you also do not need to fill up the chamber all of the way, I know during my first few times I was a little hesitant about getting to hard of a hit.  So just move at your own pace and if you think you have enough smoke than stop.)

Step 5.

Clear the Chamber.

Okay! So now that the chamber is filled or you have decided that there is enough in there, now is the time to remove the bowl from the downstem and take your last full draw of all of the smoke.  This can be a little daunting because this will be a lot of smoke.  Just take in as much as you can and then exhale.

There you have it! You have successfully read through this entire post and are ready to perform! I believe in you and from here on out you will be able to smoke out of a bong on command.  No need for hesitation.

From this experience you will find that the smoke is cooler and cleaner than smoking from a pipe, joint, or blunt. A fun thing to do during your bong smoking experience is add ice to the smoke chamber.  This will create even cooler smoke as you inhale. You will also see that bong rips are pretty heavy, be sure to just sink back into your couch if the first hit is too much.



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