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Luna is an avid smoker and is always ready to see what new and exciting developments there are in the cannabis community. Please excuse her writing, she's still trying to figure her way around words. Practice makes perfect! If you wish to learn more about her please be sure to check out the "About" page!


Durable Silicone Bong Review

By Luna / June 19, 2018

I cannot tell you how many glass bongs I have bought where I have gone to pick it up and some part of it cracks. You all have been there I know you have. I have also had the part where you insert the down stem just crack off. This is also partly my fault […]


Myths & Interesting Facts About Marijuana Explained

By Luna / June 7, 2018

It’s 2018, marijuana will eventually become legal everywhere, but there is still a lot of controversy about this plant. People are still spreading rumors about how this plant can kill you (which it CANNOT). One of the major reasons we started this site was to help inform everyone about the benefits and help put those […]


CBD Products for Pets – Purity Petibles

By Luna / June 6, 2018

Furry Family Members Our pets are family.  I know that Rob and I can attest to that.  He and his wife own two beautiful Basenji pups and my boyfriend and I own an Australian Silky Terrier (Ralph) and Miniature Dachshund (Penelope).  Our furry family members mean the word to us and if anything were to […]


Top 10 Smell Proof Containers for Marijuana

By Luna / June 2, 2018

When we all started smoking weed for the first time we quickly learned that we need somewhere to stash our bud. We also all know that stashing our weed in zip lock bags isn’t the best idea.  Zip lock bags aren’t completely smell proof by any means and are prone to tears. In addition, if […]


Easy Way To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

By Luna / May 31, 2018

I am actually having this problem right now as I write this post. My tolerance for cannabis is at an all time high now. Usually a few hits from my bong would have me set for at least three to four hours. I would be so high that I would often lose track of time. […]


How To Not Look High After Smoking Marijuana

By Luna / May 30, 2018

How does one go about not looking high after smoking weed? This is one of the most asked questions by new weed smokers. There are a lot of answers to this question, and a lot of them depend on what you are comfortable with. There have been times where I have been high and I […]


Top 5 Best Bong Cleaners Under $25

By Luna / May 29, 2018

The best part of getting a brand new bong is using it.  The first rip is so clean and after you’re done you just stare at how beautiful your new bong is.  At this moment you aren’t thinking about cleaning it.  Soon, after a few uses you see the usual gunk build up over time. […]


Top 3 Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones For Smoking Js

By Luna / April 25, 2018

Joints are a staple to the avid pot smoker.  You cannot come across someone that has not smoked from a joint. I have written an article a while back about “How to Roll a Joint”, but for those of you have have tried and tried countless times and have decided to just give up on […]


Top 8 Best Pipes for Weed (Under $25)

By Luna / March 14, 2018

Have you ever come home after a long day at work and wanted to take a quick hit from your bowl? I know that I have had those days. Well have you ever had those days when you go to reach for your bowl and you accidentally knock it off of the counter or coffee […]


5 Best Online Head Shops in 2018

By Luna / February 28, 2018

I’ve been there in a physical smoke shop and it can be daunting. There is a lot to look at and even though the guy behind the counter is super friendly there is kind of an air of pressure pushing down on you to make your decision. If you’re like me I have been hit […]

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