Beginners Guide to Grinders and How They Work

By Luna / August 14, 2017

The grinder is one of the key tools to an avid smoker.  For those new to smoking the reefer, you may have a few questions about grinders and how to use them.  Well go no further, this post will let you know of the basics for your grinding needs.  I will also go into detail on how to use one of the most common type of marijuana grinders.

Let’s get to learning

A grinder is a barrel-shaped tool that “Grinds”/shreds cannabis for your smoking needs.  Having the grinder break down the goods makes it easier for bowl packing and rolling joints/blunts.

The most commonly owned grinder would be the 4 piece grinder.  The four pieces consist of the lid with teeth, the chamber with teeth, the sieve/basket chamber, and the kief catcher (bottom chamber).

Now you are probably wondering what I mean by kief.  Kief, also known as trichomes, are dried resin glands that are seen on the leaves of marijuana plants.  Kief contains high concentrations of THC.  I will go further into the biology of the Cannabis plant in an upcoming post.  I will also dive further into kief and what you are able to do with it.

How Do You Use a Grinder?

First you take the lid off of the Grinder.  Then you will break up your bigger nuggets of weed into smaller pieces and place them on them on/between the grinder teeth.  You will see that the lid also has teeth. The teeth to the lid and the bottom of this chamber will work together to break up the weed into even smaller pieces.

Next step would be to place the lid on top of the grinder and twist until all of the marijuana you put into the chamber have fallen through the holes.  Once you have completed this you can  start to take apart this chamber by unscrewing it from sieve/basket chamber.  You will then notice that all of the weed you have freshly ground up is sitting on this level of the grinder.  Now you can pack your freshly ground weed into a bowl or roll it into a joint/blunt and finally get high!

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There are other ways to grind weed if you do not have a grinder handy

One way is to put your weed in a zip lock bag and start rolling the weed buds against each other with your hands from the outside of the bag. Rubbing the weed buds together eventually breaks them down into smaller pieces. There are some flaws with this grinding method because you will probably rip the zip lock bag when you are done with this process.

Another method would be to use a pill bottle and a dime.  You will take a nugget of weed and place it into the pill bottle with the dime and close. Then you will shake the pill bottle, the dime will bounce and hit the walls and the nugget of weed until it eventually breaks it down.   This method is a little noisy, but it gets the job done.

One more method would be to use scissors or a knife and chopping board.  The steps to this are pretty simple. Just cut up the cannabis  until you get the consistency you like.

Finally, probably your last resort to grind up weed is to just use your hands and tear away at the bud until you get it as finely cut up as possible.

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