Top 5 Best Bong Cleaners Under $25

By Luna / May 29, 2018

The best part of getting a brand new bong is using it.  The first rip is so clean and after you’re done you just stare at how beautiful your new bong is.  At this moment you aren’t thinking about cleaning it.  Soon, after a few uses you see the usual gunk build up over time. It’s the usual build up that you’ve seen in all of your other pipes.

There is so much black resin build up now, that you aren’t fulling enjoying your weed. When you do smoke out of it there really is no airflow and you are really just burning your weed with no effect of getting high because you can’t draw in the smoke. You need to clean it.

If you are going the homemade route might I suggest you read up on this post I wrote a while back about how to clean your pipes with house hold items you can find at home. If you aren’t going the homemade solution route you should definitely invest in a good cleaning solution.  There is nothing like the satisfaction of cleaning your piece and it being completely resin free.  It’s a beautiful sight.

Bong & Pipe Cleaner Solutions Under $25

Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner

The orange chronic cleaner is super efficient at getting the job done. You can be sure that it will be able to clean all of your smoking accessories.

With this package you get a set of two 16 ounce solutions for just $18.95.

All you have to do with this solution is it into your glass bong and swirl around until the inside of the entire piece is coated and then set aside.  This process should take about 5 minutes. After that time you should give it a quick shake or swirl and then rinse out with warm water and wipe clean or air dry.

If you are cleaning smaller glass pipes, I suggest putting the solution and the glass piece in a zip lock bag and coat it piece inside with the Orange Chronic cleaner. Next, wait like 5 minutes and then shake and swirl the solution inside. Finally, rinse with warm water and let air dry or wipe dry.

Grunge Off Bong Cleaner

So this cleaning solution is one of the most popular.  The Grunge off cleaner has an exclusive formula that cuts through thick residue fairly quick. You should use this product on your glass products as the solution may deteriorate plastic and rubber.

With this solution there is no need for scrubbing or shaking. It is super easy to use, all you need to do is pour the solution into your glass bong and coat the inside with the solution.  Then let it sit for as a long as you want.

It really depends on how thick the resin build up is in your bong or glass rig.  Then watch the magic happen. The residue should sink into the solution, next all you have to do is just rinse out with warm water and let dry.

The solutions cleans and starts deodorizing in seconds when it makes contact with the gunk. The formula is anti-bacterial, kills germs on contact. The solution is also reusable so during your cleaning you can use it on multiple pieces.

This package comes with two 16 ounce bottles for just $24.60.

Formula 420 Bong Cleaner

This solution is literally magic.  It doesn’t take very long for this cleaner to amaze you. This is another well known product.  If you want to clean your bong, just pour it inside and coat. I like to shake and swirl the solution around, doing this helps scrub the residue inside.  You should instantly see your bong becoming like new again.

Same with small pipes, just place in baggies and see the magic happen.  You can set it aside and let it soak or you can shake while you wait. All of your pieces will look brand new I can guarantee it. After done shaking or letting it soak, pour out the solution and witness all of that black gross solution being cleaned out.  Now you rinse and dry!

This package comes with three 12 ounce bottles for just the price of $16.97!

This is such a steal, you would be dumb to not try this solution out.  I know for a fact you will be buying more of this product.


The Zen Master Cleaner is a beast.  This solution is able to remove all tar, oil, wax and resin. Their eco friendly cleaning solution is able to effectively and safely lift all tough build up.  With this cleaner you do not need to scrub at all.

Directions are really easy to follow. First you pour the Zen Master Cleaner into a container, fully submerge all smoking pieces that you intend on cleaning.  Let the pieces to sit and soak in the solution. During this time you will see all of the resin build up start to loosen up and deteriorate.  You will feel a sense of satisfaction just witnessing this, I know I did.

After a minute or two you can pick up your pieces and swirl the solution inside after the soaking process. Now you can empty the cleaner out of your pieces and rinse gently under warm water and let dry. This non-toxic formula is sure to amaze.

With this package you will receive a 32 ounce bottle for just $14.95.

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner

This cleaning solution is another miracle worker. Definitely high up there on the best sellers list, it is one of the top glass cleaners on the market. Just like all of the other solutions listed, it has easy to follow directions.

You just pour the solution into your bong or completely submerge you smaller pieces in the cleaner and swirl it around inside and let it soak.  After soaking you will see the all of that black and brown residue lift off of your pieces. Then you empty the cleaner from your item and rinse under warm water.

Like magic you will see your pieces look completely new again. After all is said and done you will leave with the happy feeling of satisfaction.  You can smoke out of your bong and get the full effect of your weed with good clean draws. No more clogged feelings when you try to inhale.

You will receive two 12 ounce bottle for just $18.99!

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