Top 8 Best Pipes for Weed (Under $25)

By Luna / March 14, 2018

Have you ever come home after a long day at work and wanted to take a quick hit from your bowl? I know that I have had those days. Well have you ever had those days when you go to reach for your bowl and you accidentally knock it off of the counter or coffee table and it just breaks.  Be it made of glass, wood,  or metal, it just falls to its doom and shatters or just cracks in half. Again, I have had those days and whenever that happens I say to myself, “shit, what am I going to smoke out of now?”

Well, you could just make an apple pipe or a gravity bong, but this time you know you need to throw some money down on a new cheap pipe.  What better place to look other than the internet. The internet is such a fascinating place! You can literally find anything here. Luckily you stumbled upon this article to help you find the Cheap pipe you are looking for.  I have done some research and have come across a few cheap pipes that I want you all to take a gander at because I believe they are worth a look.

Pipes Under $25

Look at how cute this thing is! Despite it's compact size, this mini glass sherlock pipe from Grav Labs is a durable and functional glass hand pipe.  This deep bowl allows you pack a large amount of your dry herbs or tobacco, while the thick borosilicate glass ensures this pipe will last for all future bowls to smoke This sherlock pipe is about 4" long and features a Grav Labs decal. This pipe comes a variety of colors. 

The second pipe I have listed is the silicone spoon pipe. I know not too many of you have seen or have used an actual silicone pipe before.  Let me assure you that it is really not that different from a regular spoon pipe. This entire pipe very durable, the bowl were you pack your weed is made of borosilicate glass.  This bowl sticks a little further out, so that when you do light your bud you don't directly burn the silicone itself.  What is nice about this cheap pipe is that there is a metal tool that is stored on the underside of the shaft.  The tool is used to unclog your bowl.

Grav Labs came out with this cute steamroller and I cannot stop raving about it. It is 5" long and at first glance doesn't seem like much, but after a second look you can see all of the detail that goes into this little fella.  You can see from the picture it comes with a built in sturdy stand. This is to help keep all of your shit from falling out and from the steamroller itself falling off the counter or something.  There is also a built-in ash-catcher to keep your mouth ash free. The logo on the steamroller is also randomly chosen! What is really nice about it is the durability of the glass and the sleek and clean look of it. It also hits like a charm.

This piece is definitely the most unique looking.  It looks like an elongated ice cube.  This shape helps keep the steam roller to be placed on any of its side without falling over.  Located at the top of the pipe is the bowl and at each end  there are holes.  One hole is the mouth piece and the other is the carb hole. This little guy can also give you a quick decent high at literally a steal.

Yes, These Are All Under $25

This is the "Original Monkey Pipe." It is made out of Aluminum and wood and it pretty sweet to look at.  The top and bottom are composed of wood but the center is where you will find the Aluminum. The top is able to swivel back and forth, which in turn, opens and closes the bowl for dry herbs. This litter guy is super portable and you can even pre pack it before your crazy excursions and then whip it out when you are ready to blaze it up.

What a uniquely beautiful looking pipe.  This bubbler gets its name literally from just its aesthetic. There are bumps all over this guy making it so different.  The bumps on it also make for a good grip, you will not have to worry about dropping this piece. In addition to its beautiful shape, this bubbler is also made with fumed glass giving it different shades of color when light hits it.  This bubbler also  changes color over time from usage.  One last unique trait about this bubbler is the bend in its neck, the degree of curvature in every single one of these made is different, no two are alike.  Lastly, the depth of the bowl on this fella is pretty deep.  You can actually be social with this bubbler and pack a decent amount of ganja.

Bongs are the best, especially ones that are difficult to break.  This silicone beaker bong by  Nucleus is such a great product. So the bong itself is made out of food grade silicone.  It's just like your standard bong with its beaker like base to the flared mouthpiece. If you are worried about accidentally melting this guy, trust me you won't.  This thing is dish washer safe and its melting point is 1200˚F+, there is no chance that it will melt in the dishwasher or in your hands when you are token up. What is nice about this bong is that is come with a clear glass male bowl and a 1" removable stem.  Another fun thing about it is that you can choose from a bunch of different colors. If you are looking for a cheap durable bong, this piece is right up your alley.

This Chillum is another beauty to behold.  The Dichro glass features colored glass with sparkles inside of it that are accentuated in certain lights.  This piece is made of thick durable borosilicate glass.  It also features a deep bowl compared to most chillums of this size, making it very convenient for on the go smoking. My favorite thing to do with pieces like this is to actually bring it to bed and take a few hits before I fall asleep.  It's size is perfect for my bedside table.  Plus it's always there when I wake up to take quick hit in the morning also.

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