What’s a Stoners “Go To” Munchie Food?

By Luna / November 26, 2017

We've all been there after we have taken a huge bong rip. Just stuck on the couch with our thoughts. Then suddenly we start thinking about how good food would taste right about now. Well I am here just to discuss what I like during these times when the munchies take over. I am going to start with my list of indulgent foods. Also known as my "Best Junk Foods To Eat While High" list.

Indulgent list

  1. Pizza Rolls or any form of pizza
  2.  Breakfast foods
  3. Chinese Food
  4. Burrito's
  5. Loaded French Fries
  6. Chips
  7. Cookies
  8. Ice Cream
  9. Sour Candy
  10. Cake (really any form of cake; cheesecake, regular cake, cupcake)

Okay, so this is just really a list of things that I like to eat when I need a day to just indulge on junk food. If you are feeling healthy and want to keep yourself from all of the unwanted sugar and fats try out this list. So this is my "Best Healthy Foods to Eat While High" list.

Healthy list

  1. Nuts (Something like almonds and pistachios)
  2. Apple slices with Peanut butter
  3. Hummus and Vegetables
  4. A bowl of mixed fruit (Pineapples, Strawberries, Melons, Watermelons, Kiwi, and Grapes)
  5.  A Healthy bag of popcorn (light butter)
  6. Bake your own Sweet Potato Fries
  7. Guacamole & Chips
  8. Buy or make your own healthy trail mix (try not to just get m&m's)
  9. Peanut butter & Banana Sandwich (ALL TIME FAVORITE)
  10. Sparkling Water/Sparkling Ice / Fresca (Alternative to heavy sugar Soda's)

Acai Bowl from my stay in Hawaii

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