Best movies & TV shows to watch while high

By Luna / August 12, 2017

We’ve all been there, just stoned out of our minds sitting in front of the TV / Tablet / Laptop trying to figure out what to watch.  I know I have gotten to a point where I am searching online for hours just to find the perfect movie that fits my mood.  There actually are times where I have come to hate my self because I am unable to pick something out on Netflix, hulu, or even HBO now.  So consequently, I waste a lot of my time trying to find something and by the time I find something it is already time for bed.

If you are just like me and suffer from this problem, well I have some suggestions for you!

 I have on numerous occasions gotten high to a lot of these movies and have always enjoyed myself.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of an anime nerd so of course I would recommend any / all of Studio Ghibli movies (Please check out the collage). There are also a few TV series that I like such as Attack on Titan, Death Note, One Punch Man, and Samurai Champloo.

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If you are not much of an Anime Buff no worries I have got a few more options.

Tucker & Dale VS Evil 


Image result

Smiley Face


Image result

Hot Fuzz


Image result

Shaun of the Dead

Action / Comedy

Image result



Image result

Star Wars Series

Scifi / adventure / fantasy

Image result for star wars series collage

Fantastic planet

(It is an old french animated film a little weird)

Image result for fantastic planet movie

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie


(You just have to accept that this is a dumb movie to begin with and then you will enjoy it)

Image result for tim and eric's billion dollar movie

TV series

If  you  aren’t committed to an hour and a half long venture, than I would recommend choosing a TV show.  After I take a huge bong rip I usually like to throw on one of these shows because I know that I’ll be entertained for a good twenty to thirty minutes. Following this further, during my time being high my taste in shows changes.  I actually love having the option to be able to switch shows whenever I please.

Moreover, If you are feeling something educational I would pop on Cosmos, only problem is that you have to pay attention. Rick & Morty and The Office are my “go to” shows.  They are pretty easy to follow and the story lines are hilarious. Of course, Archer is a classic and you can not go wrong watching an episode or two.  If you are feeling more of reality TV show vibe I recommend Kitchen Nightmares and Tiny house hunters (or regular house hunters).  Finally, South Park and Bob’s Burgers are always great shows to catch on any day.  Both series are hilarious and can guarantee a laugh or two.

 Image result for rick and morty        Related image   Image result for cosmos   Image result for bob's burgers          Image result

Image result for Kitchen Nightmares  Image result Image result for southpark


To conclude, whatever you happen to end up watching, being high while watching it will make it that much better.

(by all means binge watch any of these series if you wish to do so, also you can enjoy all of these shows sober too!)


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