5 Best Online Head Shops in 2018

By Luna / February 28, 2018

I’ve been there in a physical smoke shop and it can be daunting. There is a lot to look at and even though the guy behind the counter is super friendly there is kind of an air of pressure pushing down on you to make your decision. If you’re like me I have been hit up a few shops and I like to take my time shopping.

When I shop I don’t like to be pressured or asked a shit ton of questions. Once in a while you will come across a smoke shop owner that actually knows their shit. Some shop owners help you form an opinion on whatever pipe, paper, or whatever you plan on buying.

So I am not your typical pot smoker.  My appearance does not fit the part. People assume I don’t know what I am doing in a head shop. They also assume that I’m lost. One huge pet peeve of mine, that I have come across while shopping on a few occasions, is being followed and being talked down to while I’m perusing the aisles. I am the kind of shopper that likes to just take my time scanning the display cases, and when I am ready I will ask questions about a few items that I am interested in.

Local head shops are great and all, but I now I do most of my shopping online because of my bad experiences.

My Bad Experience

There is one experience that I recall where I went to a local head shop and gas station. This place was in kind of the sketchy part of town and was just sketchy in itself. I mean it was a headshop and gas station, so nothing was discreet about it, I went in because I needed a new piece to smoke out of because my bowl just broke and I wanted something quick. I knew that I should have just ordered something online but I figured I just drop in real quick to see what they had.

First off! The man running the place was rude and was judging me right off the bat. So I am a woman making my purchase and he assumes that I do not know what I am doing on that side of the store. I ignore his sexist comments and start to ask questions about his inventory.  He begins to say that whats there is what he’s got and that he does not know if he will order more.

I mean I get it, if you aren’t selling much of an item then there is no use in keeping it in supply at the store.  He just came off very unprofessional.  So I am in there looking around, there are people coming in and out just paying for gas and getting snacks. There is not much or a barrier to hide what is there, just a big sign referring to everything as “Water Pipes” and “Tobacco Pipes.”

I came across this small bubbler and asked him how much? He without hesitation said it was $150.  I knew for a fact that he was just charging me a high price because he did not think I knew what it was worth. I can confirm that I found the exact same one on one of these online head shops listed for around $75. It’s safe to say that I left that shop and just made my way to my computer and researched a bunch of online head shops.

Online Head Shops Are The Real Deal

If you are similar to me, I like to sleep on my options and maybe come back a few times before I actually make my purchase. I also like to do my research on the product I want to buy and I research the smoke shop that I will be buying from.

But now that we are in the 21st century online shopping is the easiest and most inconspicuous way to shop. Most of my purchases are done online, this makes it fairly easy to see how these online smoke shops rank up against each other. Online head shops are the best thing to have happened to me, they make shopping so much less stressful. I am able to take my time and come back to different sites to compare prices and reviews.

I want to try and help my community. The best way to help is by coming up with a list of some great smoke shops that we have had some great experiences with.  Undoubtedly, I can say that the shops listed are trustworthy and the customer service is pretty impeccable.

Best Online Head Shops


Let us begin with VaporNation, these guys are definitely a favorite mine.  They have been around since 2008 and have been providing their customers with the best vaporizers at very reasonable costs.

VaporNation is an Authorized Retailer for every product they sell. Which means that their customers receive full warranties when purchased from their website. I can also guarantee that their customers with receive the actual product advertised and not a knock-off. This is all due to the fact that they buy their product directly from the manufacturer.

VaporNation offers free shipping on any order that is located within the United States! They are also an exclusive distributor of all brand name vaporizers and offer the largest selections. VaporNation is very great at maintaining a fully stocked warehouse for immediate shipments. It’s nice to know that you will receive exactly what you ordered without any delay.

I know there have been times with other online head shops where you you are given a wait time for the shop to restock the item. By the time you see that notice, you have already moved on to a new head shop, hoping that they have your item in stock. With VaporNation this is not something you have to worry about.

Another great thing about Vapor nation is that they have 100% price protection and fraud prevention.  With the price protection, if you notify VaporNation within 10 days of your purchase, that you see a lower price (at another online store) for the same vaporizer or accessory you bought, VaporNation with refund you 100% of the difference (subject to certain restrictions).

If you want to see first hand just a couple of the products that I have bought from Vapor nation go and check out my reviews on the Genius Pipe and the Crafty Vaporizer.

grasscity logo pic


Grasscity is the biggest online headshop. These guys are one of the O.G.’s when online head shops were first becoming a thing. There official website was launched back in 2000 with the idea that Grasscity would become a meeting place for like-minded people.  A place for those interested in smoke and living alternative lifestyles that were up for discussion.

These guys are very up-to-date on every cannabis trend there is.  They are also always striving for customer satisfaction.  Grasscity does a lot of searching around the globe of innovative/new smoking related products, and Happy Weed Life is here to review them and let you know our honest opinion.

They offer a variety of different products ranging from rolling papers and grinders to oil rigs, glass bongs, and bubblers.  Not only do they have all the pipes you can possibly think of. They also carry all the smoking accessories you would need.

On top of pipes and rolling papers, they also carry a large variety of vaporizers. As I said earlier, their primary focus is customer satisfaction. Grasscity provides professional support, free shipping, discreet packaging, and price matching. In addition, they offer bulk discounts/special coupons discounts for their members and loyal customers.


Dankstop is one of the new headshops that has had a lot of success in the head shop industry. Their one and true purpose for their site was to revolutionize the online head shop market. In order to do that they designed their website to offer simplicity to their customers.  You can easily see this by visiting their site, it is super easy to navigate and a lot of the products they advertise are easy to find.

Dankstop realized that a lot of the other “sketchy” online head shops were not providing reliable service.  You also never really knew what product you were going to get.  In addition, some local head shops, that every cannabis user is familiar with, tend to charge high end prices for their limited/NOT high end products. There really was no alternative to where you could purchase your paraphernalia. It was by word of mouth, in order to come across a decent store.

Dankstop read all of your minds and decided to do something about it

This online headshop is run and owned by two young entrepreneurs here in the USA. They carry a long list of American brand names from Chameleon glass to Empire Glassworks. Their list of products consists of bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, and accessories.

These guys strive to offer a huge selection of products for their customers so they are sure to satisfy anyone’s needs. What makes these guys great is their collection you will be able to find anything that falls within your price range.  If you are too high to actually buy anything online you can actually give these guys a call and they can see what meets your budget and needs.  Now that’s what I call customer service!

Dankstop also guarantees that all of their products are to packaged lovingly and shipped swiftly to their happy customers. They really do focus packing and shipping out all order within a day of placement. Average amount of days until arrival is 3 to 5 days.

Free shipping is also applied to all orders (with the option to upgrade). They also utilize discreet shipping, in case your land lord or your parents (if you still live with your parents at 21) picks up the package for you, you really have nothing to worry about.

There is no such thing as a stupid question when you are speaking to customer service.  They are there to lead you through your buying process if you are confused by anything.  They are also there to answer any product questions, and questions just pertaining to your needs and wants out of the piece you buy.

On top of all of that, Dankstop has an “Eight Steps Assured Quality Control.”

  1.  Manufactured product arrives to their warehouse
  2. Item is inspected
  3. Product shelved
  4. You place your order online
  5. Product Reinspected
  6. Package is packed lovingly
  7. Your package is shipped
  8. You are the happy customer that has received the package

Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel is another great online head shop just like the other listed.  They take pride in all that they do and it is all visible in just the quality of the products they provide. These guys were founded in Savannah, Georgia, and ship all of their smoking gear around the country and world.

Customers are offered a wide variety of products at Smoke Cartel. Since there is such a large selection they offer better pricing. They do now have all the associated costs as with a physical brick and mortar store.

Smoke Cartel often gets authorized retailer pricing and or distributor pricing from many of their manufacturers.  What is great about this online head shop is that they also actively price match their competitors products. So let’s say VaporNation or Grasscity have the same product you are looking at that is on SmokeCartel’s Site. You can call up customer service to see if you can price match these items with their competitors and then BOOM you have the discounted item at your finger tips.

As for shipping, Smoke Cartel provide speedy delivery.  Their average processing time takes about one to three days and their FREE flat rate shipping takes three to five business days.  They do have a great shipping policies.

  • They replace or refund all items broken in shipping
  • Insurance for shipments is offered
  • Every package is shipped discretely

Customer service

With Smoke Cartel is impeccable as well. All of their staff is very knowledgeable in their field of work. If at anytime you have a question about any of your purchases please do not hesitate to ask.  They have a customer service email address that you can hit up or you can give them a phone call.

Smoke Cartel’s staff really enjoy helping out customers select the right product to fulfill their needs. Just inform them of your budget and any other information that will help them narrow their search. Stupid questions is also their specialty, I know that I have asked plenty, and they know exactly how to answer them with out putting you in an awkward position.

Quality Control

Quality is taken very seriously at Smoke Cartel. They are one of the few honest retailers out there. There are some product that they do not distribute which you can find listed on their site.  They believe wholeheartedly in safety and quality.  If there is a product that is not up to their standards they are not afraid to go against the grain and stop carrying those items.

Brothers with Glass

Brothers with Glass has been around since 2010 and are headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.  What is really great about this online head shop is that they are ran by a family of glass collectors.   The two brothers, Jesse and Jake, started this business after they have a few bad experiences with online head shops. Jake is now running the business with a team of glass collectors and have since turned their business into one of the most well respected and trusted names for quality American made glass.

Brothers with Glass strives to become America’s most trusted online head shop. In order to fulfill their goal, they offer high quality glass for the lowest price, they hand pick and test the quality of the products they sell, and they off an industry leading return policy with a life time of outstanding customer service and support.


This online head shop has grown to offer over 80 different brand name products that include smoking accessories and vaporizers.  In addition to well known brand names, they also have a huge selection of glass pieces from very sought after artists.

Brothers with Glass pride themselves in testing all of their new products to ensure that their customers are receiving the best of quality. Some of their trusted brands are Chameleon Glass, Liberty 503 Glass, and C2 Custom Creations.


Finding the right glass pipe can be confusing and new vaporizers come out every month.  Like I mentioned earlier, the whole process of buying a new piece can be daunting.  Brother with Glass like to make sure that their customers are taken care of the moment you arrive to their site.

Window shopping or making a purchase, they are there to answer all of the questions you may have. Their phone support is available 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. PST Monday through Friday. If you feel like sending them an email, they will respond within 24 hours, excluding weekends and major holidays.

Shipping Discreetly

Discreet shipping is promised through Brothers with Glass. You can count on your order being shipped in regular shipping boxes.  The boxes will not contain any indication as to what contents are inside. The return label for item will read “BWG” to ensure privacy. All of BWG products advertised are in stock and ready to ship.

Final Thoughts

There are lot of things to take into consideration when you are making an online purchase.  I am not here to pressure you into buying from these site, but I did want to make it easier for you all to see your options.  The five online head shops I have listed are very reliable sites.

I have listed all of these sites here for you all to refer back to when you are trying to make a decision.  Also, you are more that welcome to try out all of these online head shops so that you can decide for yourself. I have made purchases on all of these sites to just compare, and I can honestly say that they are all great.

You might actually find that one site may cater better to your needs than the others.  I can’t be the judge of that per se, since I am not you.  But feel free to browse around each of these sites and ask questions.  All of the websites are very friendly to their customers and will help with any of your wants and needs.

When I was in college and I ordered from a few of these sites, it was great to know that all of them offered discreet shipping.  I was able to pick up my mail from the mail room at my apartment complex and not have a worry in the world.  Always happy to see that there was no sign of Cannabis paraphernalia on the box.

I will continue to shop at these Online Head shops

I also want to rave about the selections of each site. Some specialize in vaporizers more so than the others, and some have a deeper selection of glass pieces. Either way you are feeling, you cannot go wrong just looking around to figure out what product fits your needs better. I have actually discovered knew products during my window shopping online.  When I decide that I want to buy a new piece, I just look around different sites to see what’s out there, then I compare what each site has and see where I can get the better deal. Since all of these sites price match its reassuring to know that any of these websites listed will give you a good bargain.

Well that’s my spiel.  Take it or leave it. Actually, I hope you take it because I really am just trying to help all of you out by doing my research. I will most likely update this post as I come across legit and reliable online head shops. You’re Welcome!

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