Top 10 Smell Proof Containers for Marijuana

When we all started smoking weed for the first time we quickly learned that we need somewhere to stash our bud. We also all know that stashing our weed in zip lock bags isn’t the best idea.  Zip lock bags aren’t completely smell proof by any means and are prone to tears. In addition, if you plan on holding more than a gram on you I can’t stress enough to go out and buy a smell proof bag or case. I can speak for myself when traveling with bud that having a container that is airtight and can conceal all odors is a life saver. Don’t be dumb and invest.

Lucky for you all, I have come up with a list of well reviewed products that can help all smokers alike to keep their smells under wraps.

Cool Smell-Proof Airtight Stash Jars

Okay, so these are really cool and come in really handy.  You can put these airtight jars on your key chain and are super inconspicuous. The jars themselves are odor resistant. The lids are lined with a rubber band that seals the the container. This creates a safe guard against smells and preserves your weed. 

These containers are the perfect size. You can pack a few grams in there for on the go smoking. You can throw this thing in your pocket and take it with you anywhere. Waterproof, smell proof, travel size, and provides protection for you weed.  What more could you ask for?

Find it on Amazon for just $14.90

Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag

If you are looking for a discreet bag to hold about a half ounce of weed to one whole ounce this is for you.  This product also come with two smaller resealable travel bags.  So like the other products I have listed, this bag is odor proof as well.  Instead of having a lid and a rubber seal to keep the weed smell from escaping, this bag has smelly technology.

How does this smell proof technology work? Well, each bag is lined with Herb Guards carbon material. This lining contains tiny pockets that trap and contain any smell that your weed would give off. This bag is also made of very durable material and has a zipper a double velcro seal to help lock all of your weed inside.

Find it on Amazon for just $17.99

Herb Preserve Ultraviolet Container

This container is pretty heavy duty, it’s made of durable ultraviolet glass that locks in aroma. Not only does this thing provide an airtight seal it also blocks out all damaging visible light. This makes this container perfect for preserving all of your weed and keeping it fresh for long periods of time.

The size of this container makes for easy travel. You can throw this thing in your purse or backpack and not be worried about it popping open or excreting any cannabis smell. It also looks pretty cool to begin with. You cannot go wrong with this container.

You can find this container on Amazon for just $18.00.

Discreet Smoker Smell Proof Bag 

I love this little bag. It’s made of high grade durable material and it works like a charm.  This bag as a double velcro seal.  Great for traveling with, just stuff it into your purse of backpack and you don’t have anything to worry about.

The lining of this bag is made of carbon which is why all smells are locked tightly inside of the bag. Not only can you put your weed inside of this thing, it can also hold your smoking accessories. Just through your rolling papers, grinder, and rolling tray inside of this sucker. Trust me it has the room!

You can find this bag on Amazon for just $17.99

Skunk Backpack Rogue  

If you are looking to invest in a bag that will 100% contain the smell of your stash, then this is the bag for you. Skunk has out done themselves again and have design a backpack well worth the money.

There are six layers to this bag. The first is an outer fabric, second layer is anti tear protective netting, third is a layer of activated carbon, the fourth is a foam filter, fifth is thermal foil, and lastly the sixth layer is made of silicone coated canvas interior.

I have seen up three ounces put into this bag and no smell has escaped from it.  There is no smell that can penetrate through these layers. You could probably pack more in there if you wanted.  The double zipper enclosure keeps it weather proof as well.

Not only can you put your weed in this thing, you can also pack your laptop in there.  It comes with a lap-top padded pocket inside. If you are just in the market for a new backpack you can’t go wrong investing $95.00 in a bag like this.

Loud DankTank Airtight Stash Jar 

This airtight stash jar can hold up to 20 grams.  It has double layered protection with two lid traps that hold 99% of smells, which makes it perfect for containing all of your weed aromas.

The all black design was created to completely block our all Ultra Violet Light. This keeps all of your cannabis fresh for when you decide to crack it open and smoke bowl.

This container is small enough to make it perfect for travel and it’s clean and sleek design makes it super inconspicuous. The DankTank is made of high grade plastic and is made to withstand falls. Each container is inspected and tested, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

This thing is also a steal at just $15.99 on Amazon.

Smell Proof Bags by Herb Guard

If you are looking for something cheap and easy, check out these bags.  They come in a variety of sizes and pack of 25. These 25 smell proof bags are easy to travel with.  They are also resealable and reusable, if you accidentally loose one or just decide to be a good guy and give one to your friend you still have 24 more bags at home to use!

The design of this bag is all black to keep the contents in the bag and comes with 20 packing labels to help you keep your weed organized. These bags are also made to resist tears. Each pack of 25 you order comes with it’s own compact scoop. This will make for easy pouring and easy removal of your goods.

The airtight seal keeps your weed fresh for months. So if you are looking for an inexpensive bag that can stand the test of time I recommend these bags.  A pack of 25 only sets you bag $12.49 for the smaller 3″ x 4″ bags and a 10 pack of the largest 12″ x 16″ bags are only $15.99.

Revelry Supply – The Escort Backpack

Here is another backpack that is well worth the investment. Not only is it super stylish, it actually gets the job done. The magic behind this bag is that it is composed of multiple layers.

The outermost layer is a rubber-backed nylon.  This makes these bags water resistant and also helps keep odors contained within the bag. The next layer is the Dual Carbon Filter.  These layers work together to filter out any unwanted smells. Lastly, there is a cotton lining that helps protect the dual carbon filter, making the bag last longer.

In addition to the magic smell-less layers of this bag, it also has some other high quality materials such as rubber coated zipper, genuine leather accents, and metal hardware.

With the dual carbon filter you will probably have to refresh your bag by throwing it in the dryer for a few minutes. Doing this helps release all of the odors that have been absorbed throughout your usage.  But after that your bag is back to being ready for use!

If you want a bag that will last this product will be well worth the $89.99. I also forgot to mention that this backpack is bundled with a cute little money bag and a 10 pack of nylon buddy bags. You will get your moneys worth with this.

MedTainer Storage Container 

Next is the MedTainer Storage Container.  This is an affordable container that is everything that you need. It is airtight, water tight, and is made of medical grade plastic. Not only is this thing a smell proof container it also comes with a built in grinder.

Perfect for travel and on the go situations.  I wouldn’t say that built in grinder could replace your metal grinder, but it works well for times that you happen to forget your grinder at home. This super light weight and the design is genius.

All you have to do with the Medtainer is grind your weed up, transfer to the storage area, and then close it back up.  It’s incredible efficient and truly keeps the smell contained. This container is only $8.95! You would be dumb not to buy it!

Skunk Sidekick Smell Proof Case

This Skunk Sidekick Case is uniquely private. It has a combo lock to help keep your stash safe from children or whatever is trying to get into it. It is also weather proof  an, of course, contains the smell completely. This bags contains the most concentrated activated carbon technology. So you do not have to worry about any smells escaping this thing.

Also, the Skunk Sidekick Case is pretty organized, if you are like me and need to have everything in its place, the interior organizer will be your favorite part about this case. You can fit all of your weed accessories inside, there are multiple pockets inside that can hold your papers and screens. Also, you can find an insert that can hold your tools such as your poker/scraper.

In addition to your weed and tools, it can fit your bowls, grinders, vape pens, lighters, and a 3″ to 4″ stash jar. The only thing that you will have to do with the case is break it in. It can be stiff on first use, just make sure you gently play with the zippers. After a week or two the case should be worn in enough.

The price is a bit steep for the case, but you can bet that it will last you for a while. You’ll love this thing once you get it broken in and organized.  You can find this case on Amazon for $45.00.

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