Best Vape Pen For Weed in 2018

By rob / January 17, 2018

A reliable weed vape pen is a necessity for anyone who likes to vape on the go. It’s a whole lot easier than rolling a J and it’s more discrete. Whether you vape for health reasons or convenience, the benefits are undeniable. That is, if you have a device that lives up to the hype. Cutting through the marketing fluff is hard, but that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do. I’m going to highlight several devices that produce delicious and intense vapor.

1. V2 Pro Series 3

v2 pro series 3 weed vaporizerThe V2 Pro Series 3 is my personal favorite weed vaporizer pen for several reasons. Let’s start with the most important, performance. The Series 3 performs like a champ. It gives off an intense, yet smooth vapor. The airflow is one of the things that impressed me the most about this pen. Smooth smooth smooth.

The next best thing about this vape pen is the price. It’ll cost you $74.98 ($49.99 pen + $24.99 cartridge). This is, by far, the most affordable vaporizer that performs well. If you’d like to add this little efficient device to your lineup, click the link below to get yours directly from V2.


  • Compatible with dry herb, vape juice, and waxes
  • Very portable and pocketable
  • Great battery life
  • Super easy setup


  • Proprietary charger (doesn’t use micro USB)
  • Cartridge could be bigger

Click here to get your V2 Pro Series 3.

2. VaporFi Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer

vaporfi orbit dry herb kitVaporFi is a company that has been in the vape game for many years. While some companies are experimenting with dry herb vaporizers, VaporFi has already refined theirs into a well-oiled machine. The Orbit is a specialty device that only vapes one kind of material, dry herb. It’s been designed to handle dry herb as efficiently as possible. It does this by using a heating chamber. With the heating chamber design, your dry material will not come in direct contact with the coil. This prevents your bud from charring or heating unevenly.

The vapor coming off this device is excellent and consistent. You will enjoy the pure flavor of your herb, not tainted by burning papers or rellos. The herb chamber is a nice size which makes this a great option for group vaping. VaporFi also sells extra mouthpieces and gives you mouthpiece covers just in case someone in your group has nasty lips.

The Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer will cost you $99.99 and comes with 5 mouthpiece covers, 5 mesh filters, a cleaning brush, and a micro USB cable.


  • Large battery capacity
  • Micro USB charging port
  • Big herb chamber
  • Great for groups
  • Mouthpiece covers
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Only compatible with dry herb
  • Larger size

Click here to get your VaporFi Orbit.

Benefits of Using Marijuana Vape Pens

If you are a mobile stoner, than a good vape pen is a must have. They are meant to be used on the go and are super easy to carry. These devices can easily fit into your purse, bag, or pocket. They also have the added benefit of not looking like a marijuana related object. I still struggle to tell the difference between some weed vaporizers and e-liquid vapes, which leads us into our first benefit.


Some devices, like the V2 Pro Series 3, vape both e-liquids and herbs. For this reason, it is impossible for someone to know what you’re vaping just by looking at you. They would have to be close enough to give you a kiss in order to smell it. This is perfect for your beach trips, hiking, picnics, or movies in the park. Other portable vaporizers are a lot harder to conceal and they stick out like a sore thumb.

Devices like the wonderful Firefly 2 are less concealable and more distinct. When I see someone vaping on one, I know what they’re vaping. There aren’t any e-liquid devices that look similar to the Firefly 2. Even with the device being so distinct, I’d bet that most non-tokers wouldn’t know what you’re vaping. With that said, if flying under the radar is your main concern, go with a pen style vaporizer.


One of the coolest things about vape pens is the versatility. It’s not uncommon to have devices with dual or 3-in-1 capabilities. This is a growing trend because more people are gaining easy access to other forms of weed like concentrates and THC e-liquid. The feeling you get from smoking flower is different than the feeling you get from dabbing or vaping THC e-liquid.

The curious stoner should try a variety of concentrates, flowers, and e-liquids to see which of them suits their style the best. For $100, you can get a device that is capable of vaping all three forms of marijuana and can fit in your pocket. That’s the beauty of these convenient little devices. For most people, a vape pen is the ideal vaping device. If you plan on vaping in groups, then you should consider a device with a larger battery capacity like the VaporFi Orbit or consider getting a bigger device. If your group of friends mostly vapes at your place, the a desktop vaporizer is the way to go. They’re the most efficient and won’t run out of power, but they’re also considerably more expensive.

Ease of Use

Vape pens are one of the easiest devices to use. They’re small and usually just require three steps to get going. The first step is charging the battery, which is pretty straight forward. While your batter is charging, you can move on to the second step, loading the chamber. Make sure you grind your herb before loading it. Don’t shove a whole nug in the chamber or else it won’t vape evenly. You’ll end up charring parts of the nug and wasting the other section. Most vape pens have smaller chambers so grinding your material will probably be an intuitive step for you. After charging and loading the chamber, all you have to do is fire the device and take a draw.

Depending on the device you use, you might not be able to vape instantly. Some devices, like the VaporFi Orbit, have to preheat. Devices that preheat the chamber require you to wait an extra minute or two, but it’s worth it. They vaporize your material a lot more efficiently and evenly. No matter which device you use, you’ll find that vaping is a lot easier than rolling a J or an L.

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