Can you eat weed?

By Luna / August 10, 2017

Yeah, but it's better to just cook it

Here is one of my first experiences with edibles and an easy recipe

Let's see.. my first time eating a weed brownie was back in college.  I bought them from a guy I met on an app called Erodr (a college student, online social networking service.  The posts have a set time, if no one likes it then it "erodes" away and if there are enough likes it will stay on the page).  I happen to be surfing erodr and came across this guy that posted anonymously that said he had brownies.

I direct messaged him and asked a few questions to make sure he was legit and not a cop and decided to take him up on his offer.  He said that he was selling a brownie for $10 and there was about a gram of weed in each.  I said, "Great! I'll take 4 please!"  We found a place to meet up and I met this mystery guy and it turned out we actually had mutual friends.  After we made the exchanged I made my way home.So this weekend my little sister (20 at the time) was coming into town and she was happy that I surprised her with brownies!

Our Epic Plan

So our big plans for the weed brownies were to take them and go watch Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! I know, exciting right? My boyfriend thought this was a horrible idea, but he went a long with it anyway.  So Friday after classes I made my little sister, my roommate, and my boyfriend eat the brownies about 30 min before we left for the movies. (the brownies were pretty good, the guy that made them used Godiva brownie mix and used THC infused oil instead of baking the leaves into the batter) .  I drove us to the theater which was only like 10 min drive.  It was not until we pulled into the parking lot we started to feel the brownies kick in.

For those of you who have never consumed THC, a body high is completely different than a mental high off of smoking.  With a body high you feel a stronger effects from the weed and get a little bit of a psychedelic head high if you consume enough. 

We get our tickets at the ticket booth which was a considerable achievement.  We decide to get snacks because we were feeling really good at this point except my boyfriend who couldn't feel anything yet.  So after we get all of our snacks we head to our theater and find our seats. The entire place is empty and we decide to sit in the back.

Sounds dumb, but I can feel the movie

The movie starts and I remember being able to feel the movie. The colors of everything were vivid and beautiful.  My boyfriend falls asleep and wakes up mid-movie super stoned.  He has no idea what he is looking at and what is going on.  My sister and roommate were enjoying the movie and all of the food that was shown in it.  By the time the movie ended I was feeling pretty normal and was able to drive. Everyone else in the group was still feeling pretty high.  I do remember being very paranoid and thought every flashing light was a cop, but besides that the drive was normal.  I could tell when we got home my little sister was still super stoned so she just went straight to bed.  So that was my first time. Nothing too crazy just enjoyed a movie and came home.

Fire Crackers

You will need Peanut butter, Crackers, 2 or so grams of marijuana (0.5g avg/cracker), foil, baking pan

Step 1. Grind up your weed and place on baking sheet. Preheat oven to 250 degree Fahrenheit and bake your weed for 25 min and then take out of oven.

Step 2. Preheat oven to 300 Degrees Fahrenheit. Break up your crackers in half and set out one side of the crackers and spread peanut butter on them.  You really can use any type of peanut butter. A lot of sites say to not use jif or skippy, but I have used them and they work just fine.  If you can, opt for a fancier peanut butter that has more oil/fat it does work a little better for the cannabis oil to seep into.

Step 2. Take your baked weed and sprinkle it onto your peanut butter crackers and place the other half of the cracker on top.

Step 3.  Then wrap each of them in foil separately and place onto baking pan. Place in oven and bake for 20 min.​​​​

Step 4. Take out of oven and let the firecrackers cool off.

Step 5. ENJOY!!!!

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