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What’s It Like to Get the Munchies and Why Do We Get Them?

By Luna / February 5, 2018

I may be biased, but I really enjoy the munchies.  What are the “Munchies” exactly? It literally is the feeling of hunger after smoking weed and being high.  During this phase of being high anything and everything will satisfy your appetite. I am a huge foodie to begin with, so I love the taste of […]


Cannabis Decarboxylation Explained, and Why You Need It

By Luna / February 3, 2018

Going to try and not get too scientific on you, but in order to explain decarboxylation I am going to use a few big words.  THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.  The stoned feeling that we have all come to know and love is caused by it.  But, what you probably did not know […]


What’s It Like To Get High on Edibles?

By Luna / January 29, 2018

Get Ready to Dive Into the Edible World It is all kind of the cannabis experience. Sooner or later you will want to try out edibles. Depending on the type of edibles you buy or make, your high will vary.I know that the few times that I have made firecrackers I have had quite the trip.  […]


How Long Does Weed Stay In Your Urine?

By Luna / January 21, 2018

The most common of all drug test is the urine test.  It is simple and can get you results pretty quickly.  Along with it be one of the most simple test to get done, it is also one of the easiest tests to pass.  You will often hear stories of passing using fake piss. Synthetic […]


When To Throw Out Your Edibles

By Luna / November 28, 2017

Are My Edibles Still Good To Eat? We have all been there.  First, you are at the dispensary and you go crazy snagging all of the edibles you want to try and stock up on some good fresh bud.  Finally, you make it back to your place and decide to hold off on the edibles […]


How Long Does A Marijuana High Last?

By Luna / October 25, 2017

How Long Does Being High Last?  If you’re new to the weed world you are probably wondering how long your high should last? For all the avid smokers that are experienced with cannabis, they will tell you that there is no single answer to that question. There are a whole lot of factors involved, and some […]


What is Shatter?

By Luna / September 2, 2017

“Shatter?” As the usage of Marijuana has evolved, so has the tolerance of most pot smokers.  “Shatter” contains up to 80 percent cannabinoid content, which in turn can carry a heavy hit for users.  It is also just one form of dabs (marijuana concentrate).  Just like dabs, The THC and CBD, a plants psychoactive chemicals, […]

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