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Vape Bright Review and CBD Vaping Tips

By rob / October 12, 2017

Vape Bright’s CBD is among the best I’ve been able to find online. I use it exclusively for my anxiety and chronic pain. I’ve tried several other companies’ CBD vape oil products but they didn’t help at all. This is the only one that’s helped so far. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t other legit […]


Elixinol Review and Coupon Code

By rob / October 11, 2017

The biggest coupon Elixinol offers will take 10% off your total. They’re a company based in Colorado that produces a range of different hemp-derived CBD products. They’re one of many companies that produces and cultivates CBD oil, but the quality from company to company varies greatly. I can attest to the quality of Elixinol’s products […]


The Antidote To Help You Sober Up From Weed

By rob / August 16, 2017

You’ve probably been in a situation where you needed to sober up fast. Whether you forgot that you had something to do or just got too high at the wrong place and time, sobering up can become your top priority. I’ve even woken up high the next day and had important things to take care […]