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Easy Way To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

By Luna / May 31, 2018

I am actually having this problem right now as I write this post. My tolerance for cannabis is at an all time high now. Usually a few hits from my bong would have me set for at least three to four hours. I would be so high that I would often lose track of time. […]


How To Not Look High After Smoking Marijuana

By Luna / May 30, 2018

How does one go about not looking high after smoking weed? This is one of the most asked questions by new weed smokers. There are a lot of answers to this question, and a lot of them depend on what you are comfortable with. There have been times where I have been high and I […]


Top 3 Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones For Smoking Js

By Luna / April 25, 2018

Joints are a staple to the avid pot smoker.  You cannot come across someone that has not smoked from a joint. I have written an article a while back about “How to Roll a Joint”, but for those of you have have tried and tried countless times and have decided to just give up on […]


Gifts That Any Stoner Would Appreciate

By Luna / December 19, 2017

The holiday’s are literally here as we speak (or as I write and you read). These times are pretty stressful and you do not want to be the one that just gives out gift cards( gift cards really aren’t that bad, but some people appreciate more thought).  I, like most stoners, enjoy a good functional […]


What’s a Stoners “Go To” Munchie Food?

By Luna / November 26, 2017

We’ve all been there after we have taken a huge bong rip. Just stuck on the couch with our thoughts. Then suddenly we start thinking about how good food would taste right about now. Well I am here just to discuss what I like during these times when the munchies take over. I am going […]


Marijuana and Video Games: Best Games to Play Stoned

By Luna / November 15, 2017

Weed + Video Games = A Good Time And everyone wants to have a good time right? I cannot even count the amount of times I have been high and played video games.  The two just go hand in hand.  I can one hundred percent recommend playing while stoned, except if you are a major […]


Stages of Being High That We All Know Too Well

By Luna / October 1, 2017

Who doesn’t love getting high with friends and being able to relax and bond at the same time. The best way to bond while smoking is to go out on adventures and explore the world.  Even if “exploring the world” only consists of going to the mall, the movies, or even the park, you can […]


Different ways to smoke weed

By Luna / August 12, 2017

How many ways are there to smoke marijuana?There are a ton of different ways to smoke weed.  It all depends on the mood you are in and what materials you have readily available.Let’s start with the JointJoints are very simple and are a staple to every pot smokers life. Everyone eventually learns how to roll […]


Best movies & TV shows to watch while high

By Luna / August 12, 2017

We’ve all been there, just stoned out of our minds sitting in front of the TV / Tablet / Laptop trying to figure out what to watch.  I know I have gotten to a point where I am searching online for hours just to find the perfect movie that fits my mood.  There actually are […]


Why I Smoke Weed

By Luna / August 7, 2017

I smoke weed and I’m a woman Not all women that smoke weed are half naked and lay next to bongs all day. I like to think that I am a normal woman that smokes weed. Why do girls women weed? Well they smoke weed for the same reason all other human beings smoke, to […]