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Crafty Vape Review

By Luna / February 12, 2018

From the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer Classic, Volcano Vaporizer Digital, and the Mighty Vaporizer comes the “Crafty Vaporizer.”  So I know that I am a slowpoke and kind of late to review it, but it was not until recently that I had the chance to smoke out of this beaut! So the Crafty Vaporizer […]


Genius Pipe Product Review

By Luna / October 22, 2017

Smoking weed is my absolute favorite pastime. There are so many different ways to smoke weed and recently I just happened to come across a new innovative pipe that I had never seen before. What is a Genius Pipe? It is a thin and sleek designed pipe that is very easy to use on-the-go.  This little […]


Vape Bright Review and CBD Vaping Tips

By rob / October 12, 2017

Vape Bright’s CBD is among the best I’ve been able to find online. I use it exclusively for my anxiety and chronic pain. I’ve tried several other companies’ CBD vape oil products but they didn’t help at all. This is the only one that’s helped so far. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t other legit […]