Different ways to smoke weed

By Luna / August 12, 2017

How many ways are there to smoke marijuana?

There are a ton of different ways to smoke weed.  It all depends on the mood you are in and what materials you have readily available.

Let’s start with the Joint

Joints are very simple and are a staple to every pot smokers life. Everyone eventually learns how to roll their own joints.  There are rollers that make it super easy for beginners to make.  Rolling papers for joints are found in almost all gas stations, head shops, and convenience stores.

A Father to the joint would be the Blunt

Blunts go hand in hand with stoners.  Smoking blunts are one of my favorite ways to get high, the hits are pretty strong. Slow burning and its calming effects make smoking blunts the best. Also, if you head into any gas station or head shop there is an abundance of cigars you can choose from. Here are a few.

Swisher sweets

Phillies Blunts

White Owl Blunts

Dutch Masters 

King Edward Imperial

Having so many different brands to smoke with opens up  way more options for flavors. By choosing a cigar with flavor you can combine your bud with something sweet and fruity.  Doing this just makes smoking blunts that much better.

Let’s move on to Pipes

Pipes come in a variety of shape and sizes and are fairly cheap.  These are very easy to smoke out of and a lot of pipes you come across are glass blown, which is why they come in a lot of funky colors.  If you need a quick way to smoke your marijuana these come in handy because of how quickly you can setup and take a hit.  If you looked into a stoners box of tools the pipe would definitely have spot in there.


Bongs, or water pipes, depending on what state you’re in and what you are allowed to refer to them as in a head shop.  A bong is water based and is used for smoking.  As the weed is lit the smoker then inhales from the mouth piece which pulls the smoke from the stem through water at the base. The bong then produces smoother smoke for the person to inhale.  I do prefer bongs over pipes if you want to smoke the herb smoothly, but you can take a huge hit and cough up a storm.

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One Hitters

One hitters are probably the most convenient way to smoke if you are in a bind.  A one hitter is just that, it provides one hit of whatever strain of week you have ground up.  Some one hitters come with sharp jagged ends to grind up weed when you don’t have a grinder available. I usually use my one hitter if I am going to go out  and need less conspicuous way to smoke in public. The one hitter that I own resembles a  cigarette making me look normal when I whip it out in a crowded vicinity.

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Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are the most cost effective way to get high.  You can literally find all the supplies you need lying around the house!  Basically, you have a bottle of any size and another larger container that can fit the bottle. You cut the bottle in half and cut a hole in the cap of the bottle and placing the bowl into the hole.  I recommend inserting the bowl from one of your pipes into the cap or you can just make a bowl with a short stem and insert that into the cap.  You then fill the larger container with water and place the bottle with the cap and bowl into the water.  Place your ground up weed into the bowl.  When you are ready light the weed and at the same time slowly lift the bottle trapping all of the smoke inside.

Once you’ve reached the bottles end, get ready to take the cap/bowl off of the bottle and place your mouth on it.  You are going to suck and push down on the bottle forcing all of the smoke into you.  There you have it the gravity bong.  You will be able to get really high from small amounts of marijuana and at not cost because you found all the materials around the house (Cost effective!).

(A pretty extreme version of the gravity bong, but you get my point)

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