First Time Smoking Marijauna

By Luna / August 29, 2017

Everyone Starts at Different Points in Their Lives

I remember the first time I took my first hit of a blunt was sophomore year of high school.  Before this very memorable night, I went through the whole D.A.R.E. program in elementary and middle school. If you went to school in the 90’s you know what I mean.  I actually have no clue if the renamed it or if program still exists, but everyone should know the “I will D.A.R.E.” song because all school’s ingrained it into our little brains.

“D, I won’t do drugs, A, won’t have an attitude, R, I will respect myself, E, I will educate me now!”

Way back in the day everyone and their mother was disgusted with even the sound of the words weed and marijuana.  These words were shunned and never talked about. That was pretty surprising considering a lot of the adults in the 90’s grew up in the 70’s when pot was popular. Through all of the D.A.R.E. classes I have been to I can honestly say that I never really understood drugs.  I just knew to think that they were bad and only bad people did them. I did believe if you ever had to inject yourself with a needle to get high you were the scum of the earth.

Sounds horrible, but as a child I wanted to try it for myself. I wanted to judge whether or not pot was actually bad.  So you could say from a young age I had an interest in trying out weed.  I knew that I would have to wait until high school because in movies that’s when everyone started to try new things.

My First Time

So back to my first time, I was a sophomore in high school. My best friend at the time, Jamie*, asked me if I wanted to hang out with her cousin that weekend. Of course I said yes! So let’s rewind a little bit.  Prior to Jamie* asking me to hang this weekend with her cousin, we talked about trying to smoke weed.  We both had not done it before so we both wanted to be there for each other’s first time.  I know, cute right? lol. Also, Jamie’s* cousin was/is super cool.  I felt like I learned a lot from her, so anytime we got the chance to hang out with her I would always try and remember all the wisdom she would throw at us.

Okay, back to the main event which was to happen that weekend. I arrived to Jamie’s* house around 6 or 7 pm Friday night. We chilled until her cousin picked us up around 8 pm.  I remember driving all the way downtown near one of the universities in our city.  I was thinking to myself, “Wow, this is what teenagers do in the movies.”  We soon arrive to Jamie’s* cousin’s friend’s house.  It looked like a regular house, but in the city.  People were on the porch drinking, we walked up and said hi to everyone.  I felt weird because we were about five years younger than everyone there, but I like to think I played it cool. I probably came off really dorky.

We went inside got a drink and came back outside to the porch to just hang out and talk about whatever 15 year old girls talked about at that age.  Which was probably about anime, music, and whatever boy we thought was cute at the time.  Jaime’s* cousin came outside with what looked like a blunt.  It was brown and looked like a cigar, but did not smell like one.  I looked at Jaime* with excitement.

“This was it, I was about to take my first puff of marijuana”

I really did not know what to expect.  I had seen my dad smoke cigarettes before he quit so I had that image in my head. Jamie’s* cousin told me to slightly pinch the end of the blunt and put my mouth to my fingers instead of the blunt. In doing this the blunt wouldn’t be gross and soaked with spit when we passed it around.

When I put the blunt to my lips and inhaled through my mouth, I took in a lot of smoke.  I was told to suck and then inhale air through my nose to push down the smoke into my lungs.  Luckily no one was there to witness how much I was coughing after my first hit.  I remember it feeling like I was about to cough up my lungs.  I was happy that we thought ahead and grabbed drinks before smoking.  After our coughing fits we made our way inside to chill with everyone.

What I saw

Earlier that night we walked into the house to get some drinks and then back to the porch.  After we were done taking our first hits outside we came inside to a rearranged room. All the chairs and couches were formed into a circle that faced the center of the room.  One of Jamie’s* cousin’s friends had a tray full of weed and was rolling blunts.  Jamie* and I were just hovering over him, super intrigued. He showed us his technique while he rolled three blunts.  After he was done we all made our way to the backyard to smoke.

I remember standing on the side of a shed and there being 5 or 6 of us.  We stood in a circle and lit all three blunts.  All of the experienced smokers were trying to show off and performed all of their cool tricks.  The waterfall, smoke rings, and shot gunning were mostly what they showed us.  It was hilarious going through all of the blunts though.  Since there were so few of us it was kind of like a game of hot potato.

Was I high?

After all of this smoking was I high?  I was. I would say it was a very innocent high. As soon as I was feeling a little weird I would just pass the blunt.  I was trying to get used to this feeling because I had never been that self aware before.  It was weird not being familiar with my thoughts while high.  I wanted to remember this moment and how I was thinking.  When we were done with the smoking circle outside my friend Jamie* and I went to the front porch to just hang and talk. When it was time to head home, Jamie’s* cousin drove us back to Jamie’s* house.  I remember on the ride home all of the street lights looked like snow flakes and I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful they were.

Well, there you have it. My very first time smoking the ganja.  The next morning I told my sister and felt cool telling her.  She looked at me like I was a criminal. I told her that what we learned in school about cannabis was mostly to scare us to not ever try it. I told her it was a really good experience and that I would do it again.  Since then I haven’t stopped 🙂



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