First Weed Dispensary Experience

By Luna / August 21, 2017

Stone Ages

I remember back in the day when weed was shunned and no one felt comfortable speaking freely about it.  Dealers were hard to find.  You really had to know a guy who knew another guy whose cousin dealt the green.  You had to do a lot of networking before you could actually come across marijuana. And even then, you were not too sure if the goods you were receiving were top quality.

Fast Forward

It’s crazy to think that we were completely uncomfortable with bring up this subject with people we didn’t think would accept it. Let’s jump to 2017, where there are now 8 states that have passed Marijuana for recreational use. Now we can just walk into a store and buy as much weed, edibles, and drug paraphernalia as we please.  The stores that sell pot are known as dispensaries and of the 8 states that have passed recreational use, my most recent purchases were made in the good old state of Colorado.  To purchase marijuana, you have to be 21 years of age and are only allowed up to 28 grams per transaction.  One is only allowed to make one transaction a day.  Most dispensaries are open from 8 am to midnight in the state of Colorado.

My First Visit

I remember it like it was yesterday.  A few friends and I planned a trip out to Colorado to go snow boarding and indulge in some ganja.  We made it off of our plane and a friend picked us up from the airport.  We exchanged greetings and hugs as we made our way to the car.  When we got there he took out two packaged cookies from his coat pockets and handed them to us.  I read that it contained 10 mg of THC and I scarfed it down before we got into the car.  The cookie did taste a bit like weed, but it was not too strong of a taste. The first stop on our trip was a dispensary in Denver.

We finally get there and before actually setting foot onto the floor where the marijuana was sold, the staff had to check all of our forms of identification.  Once we were checked, we were fine to step inside.  Once the door to the room opened it felt as it we were in a candy store.  There were over 70 different strains of weed that were available for purchase.  There were different types of edibles from cookies and chocolate to sodas and teas.

“The whole store was overwhelming, but that the staff was very helpful” 

We made our way to the counter that overlooked all the different strains and we were helped by a “Budtender,” which is just like a bartender, but for weed.  This person helped us with all of our questions and even advised us to try new and better strains that were hybrids of the ones we were looking for.  Since we were not able to travel with our drug paraphernalia we are able to buy a nice glass pipe and lighter for our smoking needs.  We also decided to buy some pre-rolled joints, more cookies, Sour rainbow straws, and an indica soda.  After our shopping expedition, the cookie that I had eaten earlier was kicking in.  I was feeling really good at this point and decided to drink the soda we bought during the car ride to our cabin.

Trying the Edibles

We made it to our cabin finally and we figured we would just stay in an play board games and continue to get high.  We start drinking more of the soda and a few of the sour rainbow straws.  Everything tasted so good. There was not a hint of the marijuana taste in any of the treats.  At this point we brought out the game “Munchkin” and had the show “Rick and Morty” on repeat in the background.  I was definitely the highest I had been in a while and the nights festivities were under way.

One Stop Shop

If you are ever in Colorado, or in any state that sells recreational marijuana, I one hundred percent recommend stopping into a dispensary for any of your smoking needs.  There are so many options to choose from and I can guarantee you will find something that will suit you.




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