Genius Pipe Product Review

By Luna / October 22, 2017

Smoking weed is my absolute favorite pastime. There are so many different ways to smoke weed and recently I just happened to come across a new innovative pipe that I had never seen before.

What is a Genius Pipe?

It is a thin and sleek designed pipe that is very easy to use on-the-go.  This little guy can fit in your pocket and purse, which makes it perfect for traveling. As all avid smokers know, bongs and bubblers water down aromas and flavors of weed.  With the Genius pipe the “waterless filtration system” cools down and filters the smoke.  The pipe is held together with 12 strong magnets and is very easy to use and clean.

Waterless Filter

The days of reloading and cleaning your water pipe are long gone. With the waterless filtration system you will be able to take cool and smooth draws without the mess. The science behind this beautiful piece is Genius Pipe interior plate consist of 2000 dimples that thoroughly sift smoke.  This interior collects tar and oil and in turn cools each hit before it reaches your mouth.

Cleaning is a cinch with the Genius Pipe. All you have to to is just detach the magnetically connected plates that make up the pipe and wipe down the dimples.  Then when you are done wiping it down you can simply just slap the plates back together and the pipe is ready to go. An easy trick for me to take apart the pipe and soak the 2000 dimpled piece in Rubbing alcohol or Nail polish remover. Then wait about a minute so that the tar and oils are removed from this piece.  Finally wipe clean, rinse, and you are ready to go. Remember, this little guy will deliver smooth cool hits to your palate. Also, it will not hinder the aromas and flavors of your kush.


The best thing about this pipe is the simplicity in its design. There are three pieces that make up the Genius pipe. Two plates and a thin face plate that slides to reveal the bowl.  One Con, but actually a Pro for me is that the bowl is a bit small and can only pack for a few hits.  This is great for me though since I am a fan of taking fresh hits every time. The way to access the bowl is to slide the face plate off to reveal the bowl behind it. What’s also nice about this design is that you can pack a quick bowl and slide the face plate over it.  Then you can take it out the door with you and smoke whenever you please!

My Final thoughts

This product is a must buy in my opinion. There have been many times I have taken this pipe out in public and every single time I think “Man, I’m so happy I bought this thing.” I also love showing it off to my friends because at first glance they have no idea what it is. It’s a lot of fun to show them how it works and when they actually use it they are hooked. This pipe is also very durable so there is no need to worry about breaking it.  I have dropped it a few times and don’t see me buying a new one anytime soon since it seems to be pretty indestructible. It can be a little pricey, but it is well worth the investment. I know I have no regrets and I can guarantee you will not either.

You can purchase your own Genius Pipe here! 




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