Being High in Public Places

By Luna / August 24, 2017

High in Unusual Places

One of my favorite things to do is go out in public high out of my mind. I find joy in doing things as high as a kite when I would normally do them sober. I like to get out of my comfort zone and put myself in places I would normally not be in.  Let’s say it’s the holiday season and there is a holiday party.  It is very entertaining when I arrive to these parties stone and try to make conversation with people. I often get to see different perspectives of people I usually am not able to see sober.  If I am out in public I do not mix alcohol and weed.  Instead I like to ride out my high and then maybe start drinking so there is no way I get the spins.

Just a Few of My Experiences

Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays, aside from my birthday.  During these two holidays I either go home or my family comes to visit.  Just like most families, we like to feast during this time, and boooyy do we feast.  A lot of the cuisines my family serves are a good mixture of Filipino and American food during the holidays.  After we are done helping my mother get all the food ready my siblings and I like to wait for our parents to go to bed before smoking.  We then take out the blunts and pipes and go to town, we have had some bonding conversations and then make our way to the kitchen and pig out on all of the food we cooked earlier.

Black Friday

I know. Who could possibly want to be around this many people that are crazily shopping for black Friday deals? Well, I know it sounds stressful, but as long as you aren’t planning on doing any shopping yourself, the day makes for good people watching. Most days I wake up at a decent hour, around 8 a.m. If we decide the night before (after we are done stuffing our faces) that we are going to do black Friday, we prep for the day by rolling joint the night before.  My siblings and I like to hit up the mall, even though these places are crowded we like to smoke in the parking lot. Since there are so many people, security isn’t really paying attention to those outside.

This is where the fun begins.  We sometimes hit up some stores that aren’t too crowded.  I realize I am too stoned if I ask a retail employee a question and can not complete a full sentence that makes sense or if I get lost in the store.  That’s when I know its my cue to just sit this one out and get something to eat. Most of the time we hit up the food court or Auntie Anne’s. After we get our treats we sit somewhere that has a pretty good view of the hustle and bustle.  It gets pretty crazy out there, people scurrying around and giving other dirty looks.  You see a lot of parents dragging their kids around and always regretting it.  I’m weird, but I think that it’s fun to see strangers complain.  A lot of the time their complaints are about small insignificant things.

Theme Parks

My sister and I have only done this twice. Security has been stricter the last few times at the Theme park and we find it harder to sneak in weed. The most memorable of the two times we did this was when we snuck in a joint and road the Jurassic Park ride.  If you have never ridden this ride before it’s pretty much just like the first movie. If you had to condense it down to 2 minutes are were confined to a cart floating on a fake river.

You are first greeted with “Welcome to Jurassic Park” as the gigantic doors swing open.  It literally felt like we were traveling through this dinosaur safari, just like the movie.  Then shit gets real and you make your way through all of the dinosaurs trying to destroy the vicinity.  Finally, the Tyrannosaurus chases you as you make your way to the top of the final drop of this ride.  We make it over the edge as the T-Rex is right above us and come plummeting down with a big splash.  I definitely recommend riding this when you are super stoned, I would do it again in a heart beat.

The second time we went to the theme park high, we rode the Hulk roller coaster.  This was a bad idea on my part. Maybe I was too stoned, but I definitely felt my blood rush to my head and felt very faint.  I should’ve stepped out of line when I realized I did not know what I was waiting in line for. That was a learning experience for me.

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