When To Throw Out Your Edibles

By Luna / November 28, 2017

Are My Edibles Still Good To Eat?

We have all been there.  First, you are at the dispensary and you go crazy snagging all of the edibles you want to try and stock up on some good fresh bud.  Finally, you make it back to your place and decide to hold off on the edibles until the right occasion came along.  Last, minute you rip open one of the edible cookies you bought.  You eat half and the rest of the day is pretty chill and euphoric.  What a great day.  Then you forget that you left half of the cookie out and it’s been about 8 hours.  You hurry and put it in a zip lock bag and store it for another time.

Fast forward two and a half weeks, you come across that cookie you ate a while back and cant decide if it is still good for consumption. Now, here we are searching through google trying to see how long do weed edibles last before they go bad.

Treat It Like Any Other Food Product

Food that is infused with marijuana should be treated like regular food.  Say you have that cookie that you left out for 8 hours exposed to air, then you forgot about it for two and a half weeks. Let’s say that the cookie did not have THC in it.  Would you eat that cookie? Probably not. That cookies is more than likely super stale. No one likes stale cookies, especially a stale cookie edible.

Like with most foods, if you want to keep anything from going bad be sure to refrigerate.  Storing your edibles in a zip lock bag and refrigerating them will help prevent oxygen exposure.  This will prolong your edibles life by about a week.  That way you can enjoy it later without second thoughts.  Except be sure to double check the expiration dates.  Like with regular non-infused foods, you will want to consume it before the “Sell by” date.

Depending on your edible, the expiration dates can range from a week to a month before it is not consumable.  I know that candies last a longer than baked goods.  Also, if you intend to make you’re own edibles and use cannabutter to infuse your food, like mashed potatoes, you should treat that food’s shelf life as you would mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are good for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator if you properly store it.

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