Here’s a Quick Trick On How To Hide the Smell of Weed

By Luna / August 9, 2017

Let’s set the scene

You meet up with your dealer and you are planning on getting some really dank kush.  Your guy takes out his scale measures out the quarter ounce, he lets the scale run to 7.10 grams.  The aromas fill the room and it’s making you super excited, but you play it off cool. You can’t wait to take this home and take a huge bong rip.  

Soon your dealer is looking for his airtight bags to package the goods for you. Then realizes he does not have any more of those air tight baggies! The guy ends up finding a very thin plastic grocery bag and wraps your weed in it. He cuts off the excess plastic, and continues to singe the edges of the plastic so that they melt together supposedly creating an airtight seal.  In the moment you think, yes, this is fine.  You hand the man $100 and you are now on your way out the door and heading to your car.  You leave that location and the beautiful aromas only to notice that those smells have not left.

It’s obvious that you still smell like weed.. because he wrapped the weed in a thin plastic bag…

Now here you are, in your car as the smells start to seep out of the thin plastic singed bag.  In this situation I would look for anything to contain the weed. An old fast food bag, empty bottles that could it could possibly fit inside, anything really, so that it it buffers the seeping of smells.  Then I would put the weed in my glove box / center console / or drivers side door if there is little storage area there.  After all of this you start your trek home and drive safely and abide by all of the laws.

As soon as you get home you run into your apartment with your plastic bag of weed. You are ready to get your night started, but first you need to find a container to hide the smell.  My recommendation is to find a glass jar container with a lid, these usually work best for storage and are pretty air tight.  If you are tight on funds, a zip lock bag or even tupper ware will suffice.

Now it’s time

You get all of your snacks ready. Your favorite movie / tv series is on. You’re in your most comfortable clothes, you have a blanket and you are in your favorite spot on the couch.  Now time to set your station up! Usually this consists of your grinder, an ash tray, bong already filled with water, and the fresh cannabis you just bought.  You start to grind the weed and then remember you will probably need something to filter the smoke and the smell.

You need to make a Sploof

A sploof can be made out of a lot of different house hold items that you can just find laying around.  The function of a sploof is to blow the smoke into it and it will filter/neutralize the smell.

Here’s how to make a sploof using an empty toilet paper roll, a paper towel, 3 or 4 scented dryer sheets, and a rubber band.

Step 1.  Make sure you have an empty toilet paper roll

Step 2.  Next take the 3 or 4 dryer scented dryer sheet and pack them into the toilet paper roll. It does not have to be packed tightly just enough so that you aren’t able to blow them out of the roll.

Step 3.  Finally, take the paper towel and wrap it over one end of the toilet paper roll. You want it to completely cover the end and hold it in place with the rubber. You do this by wrapping it around the paper towel covered end of the roll.

There you have it! You made yourself a sploof.  Now you can enjoy your marijuana high and not have to worry about the smell.

If you are done making the toilet paper roll sploofs, be sure to check out my review on Sploofy’s. Take it from a professional sploof maker, investing in a Sploofy is worth the $20 investment.


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