Can’t Tell If Your Weed Has Gone Bad? Here Are A Few Tips To Follow

By Luna / January 3, 2018

Weed has a shelf life.  The length of that shelf life is all dependent on how it is cultivated and how it is stored. A lot of the time we really have not control on the cultivation so it is in our best interest to store the cannabis as best as we can. 

I know I have been there, rummaging through some of my things and then I happen to come across some weed in an old pill bottle that I forgot about.  Of course I am going to try to smoke it. No one likes to smoke old or bad weed.  In this article you will be able to see whether the weed you currently have is up to par.  Here are just a few things to look out for while inspecting your ganja.  I have gone through this so many times.

Smell It!

Depending on the strain that you have you are going to want to smell if the "Terpenes" are present.  Terpenes are the oils that give your cannabis that fragrant smell.  Let's say you have Blueberry Diesel, you are going to smell the berry and sour diesel if the weed you have still in good standing.  If you have more of a chemical scent or no scent at all that could the cue to reconsider smoking it.  Musty and mildewy smells are also a red flag.

Look At It!

An easy way to tell if your cannabis is bad is by simply pulling it apart.  If your weed seems to break apart with no effort, then consider it old and dry.  You will also be able to see stems and possibly seeds. Be sure to break open your nugs to be sure there is not mold growing inside.  Mold will appear as white or brown fuzz.  Some parts may contain black spots or spores.

Taste it!

If your marijuana passes the first to test then now would be a good time to go ahead and do the taste test.  You will be able to tell if you marijuana is bad or not since bad weed does not do well during the smoke test.  It will not hit like cannabis usually does. 

Now the next time you find a random container with weed in it be sure to run these little tests to be sure that the weed if fine to smoke. You do not want to smoke moldy weed. You can run the risk of getting diarrhea, headaches, trouble breathing, or even have mold growth in your lungs. These are just a few effect associated with it.



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