Easy Way To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

By Luna / May 31, 2018

I am actually having this problem right now as I write this post. My tolerance for cannabis is at an all time high now. Usually a few hits from my bong would have me set for at least three to four hours. I would be so high that I would often lose track of time.

Over the past few months I did not realize that for every smoking session I had I would be taking a few extra hits each time.  I rolled a joint the other week and before smoking it, I thought to myself “Man, I am going to get so high smoking this by myself.”

Well the time came to smoke it. I got half way through it and did not feel the usual high I remembered back in the day. It was in that moment I realized I need to take a break to get my tolerance back down. As I was holding the joint that, I was thinking “What a waste, I’m not getting that high from this.”

Try Cutting Weed Out Of Your Routine

It’s really easy for me to stop smoking weed when I need to.  I do not get that yearning feeling, I also have a lot of distractions that help. If you are taking a “Tolerance Break” make sure you have activities planned to help keep weed off of your mind.

Depending on how high your tolerance is and how low you want to reset it, determines the length of time your break is.  So I am a daily smoker, right now I’m going to take a two week break. Depending on how I feel at that two week mark, I will decide if I can try for three weeks or a month.

I find that taking a break for a month is a great way to reset your body. During that month you can plan for the day you can smoke.  It’s a fun way to look forward to something if you have nothing else to do.  I usually go all out and make edibles or buy a shit ton of weed and make an entire weekend of it.

Can You Lower Your Tolerance Without Taking a Break?

Yes, you can lower your tolerance without taking a break.  BUT it’ll take longer. What you can do is try to smoke less frequently.  Say if you smoke daily like me, I would space out my smoking sessions.  I wouldn’t hit my one hitter right out of bed.  You should save getting high just for the evenings when you get off work.

These mini breaks will help with lowering your tolerance slowly.  Maybe you can go a day with out  smoking and the next day just smoke a little. During your days of not smoking maybe plan an outdoor activity, hit the gym, go hang out with friends, or learn a new skill. I was just listing off random things, but you see what I’m getting at right?

If you do decide to exercise or do some other form of physical activity, this will help you stay healthy, but it will also help you get higher the next time you smoke! Being active and staying hydrated are easy ways to help your tolerance.

Exercising will accelerate your tolerance break process. I am all about being healthy and fit so this is easy for me, but if you do not care to partake in such activities you’re fine just doing you and not exercising. No one is judging.

Do What You Are Comfortable With

No one is telling you what to do.  It is up to you to make this decision and decide if you need a break. I know no one told me to stop smoking weed.  I just came to that conclusion when I realized I was going through more and spending more on weed than I usually do. That is a good indicator also.

It’s hard to say when is the right time to stop, sometimes people do not even notice and just continue smoking. Others have the time and endless amounts of money to just continue to no end. I wish I could do that, but I don’t have enough time and money.  I have a day job to get to, and I have to work my day job so I have money to buy more weed.

Last words of advice, do what you are comfortable with.


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