Looking to Make a Gravity Bong? Look No Further!

By Luna / January 23, 2018

Are you looking to get high really high? Are you without a bong and don’t have the any of the right tools to roll a joint or a blunt? I have been in the same situation you are in right now and have had to devise a way to get high quick, because what else am I to do on a Saturday morning?

Gravity Bongs Are My Shit

My go to trick to get blazed quick is to make a good old gravity bong. Back in my college days I would just make a gravity bong on weekends just for fun.  I actually got really good at it! It was really easy to assemble.  Everything you need you can find around your apartment.

How a Gravity Bong Works

I know there is a lot of discrepancy on whether or not gravity is actually used.  Well, it’s all relative really.  Actually, it’s not relative haha.  During the first step when using the gravity bong, you’re really producing a vacuum.  The second step is to remove the cap to the bottle and inhale and push down to force the smoke into your lungs.  So gravity isn’t actually used.

Can smoking out of a gravity bong get you really high? Yes. Since this form of smoking forces smoke that is heavily concentrated into your lungs you will feel the effects pretty quickly. You are in turn, inhaling an entire bowl instead of just taking one hit.  This is a great way to get high quick.

How To Make a Gravity Bong

Lets gather our supplies! You will need the following:

  • Weed (Any strain will suffice)
  • Plastic bottle of any size
  • Another plastic bottle or bowl that is bigger than the first bottle
  • Something sharp to cut the bottles
  • Something sharp that can poke holes

First Step

You need to cut the smaller bottle three-quarters of the way down.  Just chop the end off.

Second Step

You are going to want to cut the top of the bigger bottle off.  Cut off just enough so that the smaller bottle can sit inside of it comfortably then fill with water three-quarters of the way full. If you are just using a bowl fill it with water.

Third Step

Take the cap off of the smaller bottle.  You are going to take your “something sharp” to cut into the center of the cap.  The hole should be large enough to pull air through an small enough so that your make shift bowl does not fall through.

Fourth Step

Now is the part where you have to create a make shift bowl.  You have a few options.  Your first option is to find a metal bowl that is part of one of the pipes you own.  You will take this and force it into the whole you made into the cap.  Your second option is to make a bowl our of something metal. If you can find a metal pen tip, try to disassemble it and force the pen tip into the bottle cap hole you made.  The third option, but not really recommended is using aluminum foil.  With the aluminum foil you will want to create a a funnel and place that in the hole of the cap.  Then you should create an aluminum screen and poke holes through it and place in the bottom of the funnel, as you would when packing a normal bowl.

Fifth Step

Now you are going to place your smaller bottle in the bigger bottle or bowl filled with water.  Now screw the cap on.  The bowl you made should be attached to the cap.  Next, you are going to fill your bowl with your ground up weed.

Sixth Step

This step seems tricky, but it really isn’t.  You are going to light the weed and at the “SAME TIME” slowly pull the smaller bottle up until it is filled to your liking with smoke or if you’re a heavy hitter, fill it until the bottle reaches the edge of the water. Once it is filled you need to unscrew the cap that contains the bowl and inhale the bottle full of smoke.  As you inhale the bottle will move downward and will force the smoke into your lungs.

Seventh Step

Get really fucking high.  I have never not been super high after a gravity bong hit.  Be sure to take your time and ease into it if you are a beginner.  Maybe don’t pack a ton of weed into your bowl the first time, to just test the waters.

Have fun with it! Hopefully, you guys know how to make a gravity bong now.  If you have any questions of critiques let me know! I am always down to learn something new.

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