How To Not Look High After Smoking Marijuana

How does one go about not looking high after smoking weed? This is one of the most asked questions by new weed smokers. There are a lot of answers to this question, and a lot of them depend on what you are comfortable with.

There have been times where I have been high and I have had to encounter a serious situation and others not so serious. Most would say to just simply avoid conversation with people and not leave your house. If you are adventurous and want to experience life outside of your home, I suggest stepping outside and experience it that way.

Precautions To Take

If you are like me, I often go out and meet friends up in public after smoking a bowl. If you are smoking out in public I suggest using a sploofy. Using a sploofy is an easy way to not smell like weed when you’re out in public.

Sploofy’s are designed to filter smoke completely leaving you odor free. Along with using a sploofy, you should also probably have minty fresh gum on you and some eye drops.  Red eyes can easily give away that you are high. Be sure to pick some up at the drug store.

Not only do you need the above if you are going to venture out in public high, you also need some form of storage for your cannabis.  Preferably a container that is airtight and smell proof.

How To Not Look High In Public

After you have done the deed are flying as high as kite, you are not wondering how to not look high in public. Well if you have taken all of the precautions I have listed earlier all you have to do now is act normal.  You literally have to try and think “What would a normal person be doing right now?”

I know, paranoia might set in, but just keep calm and remember that most of the time no one is really paying attention to you.  If you are more of an introvert when you are sober then just try to be your usual self.  If you are an extrovert just try your best to not say anything weird.

Try not to hide from conversations that will just be more suspicious.  I know I have been high around my parents and I just try to be my normal self.  Keep my answers short and to the point, do not drift and ramble about your random thoughts. Unless you a known for doing that, then go right ahead.

I Love Being High In Public

I know I have written about this before, but being high in public is fantastic. You can experience everything in a new light.  Doing things sober is pretty boring nowadays. When I have weed in my system I really appreciate the environment I am in and the people I am around.  I always find myself trying to see things from my friends perspectives.

I have mentioned going to the Universal theme park and riding the Jurassic Park. It was surreal, way better high than sober.  I also have brought up going to the mall high, kayaking high, and going to the movies high. This past year my boyfriend and I went snowboarding high and recently I have gone out on my paddle board and went fishing high off of my vape pen.

When I smoke it is all in good fun, and it is a good relaxer for me for those hard days at work. Hopefully you all feel the same way and can try to adventure out in public, just remember to act normal if you are caught in any situation where you feel paranoid.




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