Beginner: How to Pack a Bowl, Don’t Over Think It

By Luna / December 14, 2017

I know, as simple as it sounds sometimes packing a bowl can be a bit daunting. Especially if you are a new to the weed world.  I know I have been there, with a group of friends trying to not be the one that had to pack the next bowl.  I was the one that would just wait until others wanted to smoke.  Never thought that I would be the one that had to initiate it all.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask How

Okay, so when I first started smoking weed I would just do it socially.  I really enjoyed it, I was comfortable being around others while high.  My first time smoking by myself was a whole other experience that I will touch back on soon, but lets get back on track.

When I smoked, I was usually the one getting smoked out. I of course offered money just to be a good friend because of the exchange we were making.  It's just like your friend buying you a beer and saying "hey thanks! I'll get the next round." Well, I am getting a little off topic here, the real reason I did not want to pack a bowl in front of my friends was because I did not want to look dumb and inexperienced.

If you're in this position don't be afraid to ask.  I have learned that most people love to teach.  Teaching also makes the moments you share with other more memorable. Now lets get to it! For all of the newbies out there just now getting into the cannabis community let me be the first to welcome you! AND let me be the first to teach you how to pack a bowl.

How To Pack A Bowl

First thing you will need is a some good weed! Any strain will do, doesn't really matter. It all depends on what you can get your hands on and what you are feeling that time of day.

Then you are going to want to grind up your weed with a grinder. If you don't have a weed grinder you can use other grinding methods.

After breaking up your weed you are going to want to place it in the bowl.  You may spill a little but that is normal. Just pick up what you spilled off of the coffee table and pack it in the bowl.  You do not want to pack the bowl too tight.  This will restrict airflow making it harder to get a good hit.

Now, depending on what you are smoking out of since there are different ways to smoke weed, you are either going to want to light it up and start smoking or place the bowl in the bong and take a good bong rip.

Remember practice makes perfect!

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Luna is an avid smoker and is always ready to see what new and exciting developments there are in the cannabis community. Please excuse her writing, she's still trying to figure her way around words. Practice makes perfect! If you wish to learn more about her please be sure to check out the "About" page!

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