The Antidote To Help You Sober Up From Weed

By rob / August 16, 2017

dont get too highYou’ve probably been in a situation where you needed to sober up fast. Whether you forgot that you had something to do or just got too high at the wrong place and time, sobering up can become your top priority.

I’ve even woken up high the next day and had important things to take care of. In these situations, having an antidote would be just perfect. Well…such an antidote actually does exists, believe it or not. Most people have never heard of it or might think it sounds familiar. It’s called CBD (cannabidiol).

Anti-High Potion

CBD is a cannabinoid found in abundance is certain strains of cannabis, and it can sober you up fast. Most marijuana strains have been selectively bred to have low-CBD genetics. The reasons breeders have done this is because CBD will reduce the psychoactive effects of the THC. Recreational smokers aren’t looking for a weak high or no high at all, that’s the whole point of smoking.

Medical marijuana users, on the other hand, seek out high-CBD strains because they carry more therapeutic benefits than low cannabidiol strains. THC is the most widely known cannabinoid by far, but I would argue that it’s not the most medicinal. CBD seems to be the medicinal champion.

So what does this mean for you if you’re too high? Don’t go find a high-CBD strain of marijuana and smoke it to ashes. That’s not going to zap you back to sobriety. You should avoid THC when you’re too high or want to sober up, and seek out CBD products.

CBD Antidotes

The best way to sober up quick, fast, and in a hurry is to use hemp-derived CBD products. Hemp is another type of cannabis that’s unique because of its cannabinoid profile. It barely has any THC while boasting an abundance of cannabidiol. This is exactly what you need.

These products come in different varieties, and some work faster than others. Since time is of the essence in these situations, let’s start with the fastest antidote and work our way down.

CBD Vape Pens

thrive cbd cartridgeThe fastest way to get the CBD to reach your blood stream is through vaping. By vaping a pure CBD cartridge, the CBD will reach your blood stream in just minutes. This is ideal for you if you’re in a time crunch. Not only is vaping CBD lightning fast, but it also is easy to use and portable. The CBD pens are small so they fit in a pocket or purse with ease. It’s always a good idea to have one of these around whenever you’re lighting up.

Sublingual CBD Extracts

The next fastest way to get the CBD to your blood stream is through sublingually administration. No, that does not mean putting it up your bum hole. Sublingual administration is what it’s called when you hold something under your tongue, allowing it to absorb directly into your blood stream. This method can be as fast as 20-30 minutes.

There are several different types of CBD products that can be sublingually administered. I like some better than others, so let’s start with the best.

Pure CBD concentrates are the oils that come in a pen or syringe. It’s not the kind of syringe you use to stab yourself and inject medicine. This kind of syringe is used to squirt the CBD oil onto your finger or under your tongue. I like this type of CBD because it doesn’t have any additives. Without additives, you get a strong dose of CBD that’s more easily absorbed under you tongue.

CBD tincture comes in a dropper bottle and can be easily dropped under your tongue. A tincture has other ingredients and sometimes flavor, which lessens the CBD by volume. Tinctures still have plenty of CBD, but you’ll have to consume more liquid to get the same amount.

Oral or CBD Edibles

I lump edibles and orally administered CBD together because they work in the same way. Drinking a cannabidiol smoothie, taking a capsule, or eating CBD gummy worms will all yield similar results. When you eat your CBD, it has to go through your digestive system before it can be absorbed into your bloodstream. The length of this process is dependent on your metabolism, but generally takes 45 mins or more.


This article is probably not what you were expecting. I’ve read other articles that said things like take deep breaths and think sober thoughts. All that other stuff is cool and all, but this is the only way to sober up from a high within a reasonable time period. It’s always a good idea to have some CBD on hand for this very reason.

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