LSD and Weed

By Luna / August 26, 2017

What is LSD?

(Here is the definition from 1. merriam-webster and 2. urban dictionary)

  1. :  a semisynthetic illicit organic compound C20H25N3O derived from ergot that induces extreme sensory distortions, altered perceptions of reality, and intense emotional states, that may also produce delusions or paranoia, and that may sometimes cause panic reactions in response to the effects experienced —called also lysergic acid diethylamide

  2. One of the cheapest drugs available, it is neither addictive nor physically dangerous. Taken by an intelligent, open-minded person, it can create fantastic revelations and experiences.

My Experience

Everyone’s bodies are different.  The amount you, yourself, takes can give off a different intensity to someone else.  With my first time taking LSD I took a little bit less than the full tab.  At this point in time I had taken shrooms  three times before and was very aware of what my mind and body felt like while tripping.  With LSD it definitely was more of an active trip.

Let’s start are the beginning of my day.  A few friends were visiting from out of town and one wanted to try LSD.  I told him I could find some and he was down to set aside a day to just trip.  We settled on doing this on a Monday and figured we just stay in and order food if we got hungry.  The tabs that I got were just tiny pieces of cardboard and looked very harmless.  I also managed to get some Venom OG (one of my favorite indica strains) to help us with this trip.

10:00 AM

We take the tabs.  I was told to leave the piece of card board in my mouth until it completely disintegrates in my saliva and not to drink any water.  Twenty minutes in the cardboard piece is still in tact, I text my guy and he say’s I can chew on it, but do not swallow it yet.  As we are chewing on the tabs we decide to throw a movie on.  We figured we would want to watch something colorful so we put on Trolls. About an 30 minutes into trolls I start to feel it.  At this point the the tab in my mouth has turned into mush and I decide to go ahead and swallow it.

I was definitely feeling a body high and felt really happy.  My friend and I figured that this was the best opportunity to load up the bong and take a few pulls from it to intensify the feeling.  After a few hits we continue to watch the movie.  We get towards the end of the movie and then when the visuals start to kick in.  All of the trolls and the setting of the movie was so vivid and detailed.  Everything all started moving and blending together beautifully.  At the same time the Venom OG crept up on us and we were definitely feeling very euphoric and happy.

12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

I am feeling really good at this point.  I am riding the waves of the high from the weed and LSD just swimmingly. Around 12:30 pm I decide to just get all of my blankets and my dog’s dog bed and lay in front of my back glass door.  I have the laptop set up just in case I felt the need to watch any documentaries. I’ll post a picture of my backyard because all of the greenery is beautiful to stare at.  I am having a great trip I am thinking about life having really good visuals.  All I want to do is gaze outside and get lost with my thoughts.

After about an hour of staring at things I decided to watch some trippy videos on youtube.  My favorite one I came across is called “Liquid” by Adult swim.  If you watch it sober is looks dumb as hell, but if you are tripping on L or Shrooms it’s beautiful.  It’s now around 2:30 pm and we all decide to get some food.  I end up eating a Poke bowl from one of my favorite Japanese Restaurants.  This is when things start getting weird, I guess my body is really sensitive to the drug, but I was getting a lot of out of body experiences.  I remember walking outside to pick up the food from the UberEats driver. I was able to speak with the uber driver just fine, nothing weird. While I was walking I did not feel like I was part of my body.

“It was a strange, but felt good”

As soon as we got inside we went to town on the bong to get as high as we could before eating.  I remember walking around our apartment and being overwhelmed with all of our cluttered areas.  I was a little obsessive about cleaning off our dining room table so we could sit down to eat our meal.

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

At this time I could feel the LSD wearing off slowly. I tried to keep it going by smoking a lot more weed.  This worked for the time being.  I ended up lying in bed and watching more youtube videos and thinking about life.  Not going to lie, but in this moment I was thinking about starting this blog and doing something with marijuana.  I was on the fence about texting Rob to vent to him about all of my thoughts I was having, but I was thinking so much I figured I would just message him the next day.

Ending notes

If you are in a good state of mind, I recommend doing LSD or Shrooms to get lost with your thoughts about life.  Everything that I have thought about while on these psychedelic drugs has helped me become more in tune with myself and who I want to be.  I definitely would not have known certain things about myself if it weren’t for these drugs to help me along the way. If you can, I would also highly recommend having a shit ton of weed to smoke while tripping.  It makes for a better trip and just remember don’t be afraid and go with the flow.



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