Are Vape Pens Worth All Of The Hype?

By Luna / November 30, 2017

The past few years Vaporizer Pens have been a hot commodity.  You see more and more people using these products freely.  Do you all remember when vape pens were brand new to the smoking world and everyone gave them funny looks. Now there are so many varieties of pens out there!  But just because we see more of them around does that mean that they are worth all of the hype?

What Are Vape Pens Exactly?

Vape pens, short for Vaporizer pens, are a small device that is used to inhale oils or dry-herb and when exhaled vapor is blown out. They are the exact same concept at electronic cigarettes.  Vape pens are one of the great ways to smoke cannabis when you live more of an active lifestyle or are on the go and do not have time to toke up at home.

Are Marijuana Vaporizer Pens A Good Investment?

Probably one of the best characteristics of a pen is that is discreet.  You can bring your device out in public and puff away. No one really notices what you have because so many people smoke electric cigarettes, it just becomes a norm seeing the vape pen out in public.  What is also nice is that vape pens are very portable.  They can fit in your pocket or bag, and can be taken out at anytime and smoked. There is not a very long waiting period for vape pens to start up either which is another benefit.

Are Weed Vape Pens Safe?

The way vape pens work is that they heat oils, dry-herbs, or waxes to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, before actual combustion.  In doing this, vape pen users inhale vapor that is  rid of harmful toxins that are usually found in smoke.  Compared to joints and bongs you are inhaling a lot less tar when using a vape pen to smoke.

Dry-herb, Oil Cartridges, or Wax?

  • When smoking Dry-herb you are literally just heating up dry cannabis flowers to produce a vapor instead of burning it to make smoke.  Dry-herb pens are usually less expensive and are the simplest pens to use.
  • A wax/dab pen is commonly used as an alternative to dab rigs. The vape pens just heats up the wax to produce a vapor.  Most vape pen users prefer wax/dab pens because of the higher concentration of THC with each puff.
  • Oil cartridges are prepackaged with THC oils (vape juice).  The vape pen heats up the oil and creates a vapor that is ready to inhale.  With oil cartridges, instead of being able to refill a chamber you just have to throw away the cartridge and buy a new one once you have used all of the cannabis oils.

To Conclude

I will keep this simple. I believe vape pens are worth the hype.


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