Marijuana and Video Games: Best Games to Play Stoned

By Luna / November 15, 2017

Weed + Video Games = A Good Time

And everyone wants to have a good time right?

I cannot even count the amount of times I have been high and played video games.  The two just go hand in hand.  I can one hundred percent recommend playing while stoned, except if you are a major league gamer.  Then I suggest that you just drink caffeine and practice on your reaction speeds, unless weed actually does help you then forget everything that I just said.

Back in college when I was a bigger pot head than I am now, I would wake and bake and blast my speakers to Kid Cudi and zone out while I got ready for my day of studying.  After I got in the zone and finished my studying I would go downstairs greet my roommates.  I would then make breakfast, take it back up to my room and get in a good gaming session.

One of the most memorable games I played and is still one of my favorites is Fable 2. I remember during one of the snow storms that snowed us in for about 3 days I binge played the shit out of this game. Luckily I bought a quarter ounce of weed before the storm hit. We were readily stocked for 3 days of nonstop smoking and gaming.

Fable 2

So the basic story line of the game if you have not played the series before is this that it  follows this Hero of Bowerstone. During the whole game you seek to prevent Lord Lucien from destroying the land of Albion with an ancient artifact known as the Spire. Like all role playing games (RPGs), there are a shit ton of side quests that you can partake in, along with the actual missions of the story line.

I do not know about you all, but in all the RPGs that give you the option to choose good or evil, I have always opted for being evil.  What can I say?  I like the idea of being bad, and anyone that actually knows me in real life can tell you that I am one of the most nice and helpful people out there. The best thing about being bad though is when you start growing horns, the shitty part is when you steal stuff and people try to kill you, it’s actually really annoying.


Another fun game to get high and play is Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls. This is a massive multiplayer online role playing  game (MMORPG).  To be honest, I played through a lot of this games quests right when it came out. Only problem was that there were so many glitches that you weren’t able to do some of the quests.  When I was first obsessed with this game my favorite race to make was the Khajit.

Khajits were big cats really that were known for their intelligence and speed, making them great for thievery.  I would spend so much time getting high and just making my character.  When I was finished with my character I would run through a few quests and then would roam the open world.  I think at one point I got so high and did not realize you could fast travel to locations.  I would literally just run to each quest and waste a bunch of time, but I did enjoy a lot of the scenery.

Grand Theft Auto V

All time favorite Grand Theft Auto V.  My little brother and I bonded over this game.  We would run through missions, start our own gang, and just go on crazy joy rides.  Anyone that has played this game knows how much fun it is. You just roam around the streets, drive nice cars, and shoot guns.  When I say drive the nice cars, I mean take every car off-roading and see how much you can beat up the car before it explodes on you.  It’s always hilarious getting super high and just trying to ramp off of a mountain in the the ocean.  I know my little brother and I have spent countless hours just cracking up at how dumb we look just terrorizing the entire city.

Best Quick Games to Play Stoned

The games that I have listed above are a little time intensive. If you are looking to just get a quick gaming session here are a few suggestions. Of course Super smash brothers melee makes the list, Mario Cart, Mario Party, and Diddy Kong Racing are a few.  Ahh I cannot forget about the Animal Crossing series, Destiny, and Borderlands!

To Conclude

There are actually a ton more games that I need to mention.  I will probably update the post every now and then and give more detailed experiences when I play.  I may actually live stream on twitch and give you all my PSN username.  Keep in mind that I will most likely be stoned out of my mind. You will find me running around playing missions or doing random shit.  I will try to explain my train of thought while do what I do.


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