Myths & Interesting Facts About Marijuana Explained

By Luna / June 7, 2018

It’s 2018, marijuana will eventually become legal everywhere, but there is still a lot of controversy about this plant. People are still spreading rumors about how this plant can kill you (which it CANNOT). One of the major reasons we started this site was to help inform everyone about the benefits and help put those dumb rumors to rest.

Marijuana Myths & Interesting Facts

So there are a lot of myths out there. I just want to bring up the ones that I like and find interesting. Hopefully this will enlighten everyone.

Do eating mangoes increase your Cannabis high?

Yes. I love this fact. Mangoes taste good and are pretty nutritious.  They are packed with a ton of Vitamin A, and also are able to intensify your weed high. You will get higher and the effects from the THC will last a longer.

The scent of mangoes is cause by the chemical myrcene and terpenes.  Terpenes are sent straight into the blood stream when you ingest a mango. When you smoke the THC interacts with these terpenes.

Your high intensifies and the length of your high also increases. No matter the time of day the mango is eaten you will still feel the effects of it. The best time to eat a mango most people would say is before taking a hit.  This will ensure the best and longest lasting high for you.

But it is dependent on the type of person smoking. Lets say you have a slow metabolism, you should probably consume mangoes a couple hours before your smoking session. If you have a fast metabolism, I would consume just right before you smoke.

Does eating and smoking Cannabis give the same results?

Eating marijuana and smoking marijuana result in two different “highs.” If you were to eat an edible containing THC, you would feel more of a body high compared to smoking.  With smoking, users get a head high, and the effects are almost immediate.

Another difference between smoking and eating Cannabis, is when ingested it takes a while for the THC to kick in. The time frame ranges from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.  It is suggested to wait until after that much time has passed before you bite into another edible.

Will drinking bong water get you high?

No. It does not get you high.

Please do not do this. It’s really gross.

Will you get high the first time you smoke?

Most first timers do not get high the first time you smoke. The reason why is because you’re most likely doing it wrong.  Don’t be ashamed.  Just keep practicing.  I’m sure that at some point during your first session you will hit it just right and the rest will be history.

Are all pot smokers lazy and unsuccessful?

NO, not all pot smokers are lazy and unsuccessful.  You can easily say this about alcohol and know that it’s wrong.  I smoke pot on the regular and I finished my bachelors in engineering and I continue to learn each and everyday.  I am also very active. There are a ton of other people just like me.

Can Marijuana turn Straight people Gay?

No. This is absolutely FALSE. Please stop spreading this rumor.

Can you overdose on weed?

No. There is no humanly possible way to overdose on cannabis. If you were to try your hardest to do it, you would have to smoke 40,000 times the regular dose of cannabis ALL AT ONCE, just to try to ingest enough THC to make it lethal.

Is Marijuana addictive?

Not really. Let’s say you’re addicted to a certain hobby, like bikes.  It is a mental attachment to this hobby which makes it “addictive.”  This is the same feeling as wanting to smoke marijuana.  Marijuana is more of a dependency, or mental attachment.

This attachment varies from person to person.  It is all dependent on someone’s overall state of mind. Marijuana is not addictive.  Drugs that are addictive include cocaine and heroin.

Does Weed kill brain cells?

No.  There are no neurotoxic effects  from marijuana usage. Alcohol on the other hand does kill brain cells.  Alcohol is toxic cells in our body and brain.  This explain our hangovers after we go out drinking all night.

Will legalizing weed help criminals?

We could get really political with this, but let’s just make it short and to the point. NO. Legalizing weed will not help criminals. Cartels would actually lose billions of dollars if Marijuana becomes legalized in the United States.

They would lose money because the United States would be farming cannabis and the citizens would be buying from the U.S. and not any outside sources. We would be helping ourselves if we legalized weed.

Synthetic Marijuana, is it safe?

Synthetic Marijuana, also known as spice, K2, and fake marijuana is NOT SAFE.  In some instances it can be a 100 times stronger that actual cannabis.  Please do not ever smoke Synthetic Marijuana. Back in college I had a friend offer me some, and me being the dumb kid I was just took it without looking into what it actually was.

I actually hallucinated at a party (hearing voices, paranoia, believing that everyone was silently staring at me as I left the house), which I have never done before.  Then I spent the rest of the night puking out the side of a car. You can bet that I will never do that again.

So Spice was originally created in a lab to see how our brain was affected by cannabinoids, it was marketed as the safe version of weed. Come to find out, it’s actually lethal and can cause psychotic episodes, hallucinations, vomiting, and stroke.

Are “The Munchies” a real thing?

Yes. “The Munchies” are just as real as you and me. There is actual science behind this. When you smoke marijuana, the chemicals cause hunger by controlling the part of your brain. The part of your brain that is hijacks is the Hypothalamus.

The Hypothalamus has a lot of functions, it controls your libido, sleep, and hunger. It actually controls a lot more, but I can get to that another time. Scientists have run tests on mice by injecting them with cannabinoids into different section of their hypothalamus.

From these’s experiments the results show that cannabinoids cause the neurons that regulate the hypothalamus work a lot harder under this influence. Under this influence we become hungry, hence “The Munchies.”

Can you get high from eating raw weed?

If you were to just eat a nugget of weed, no you would not get high.  In order to activate the THC you need heat.  You need to decarboxylate cannabinoids.  When you smoke or vaporize weed you instant do this.

When cooking with cannabis you need to decarboxylation in order to activate these cannabinoids in order for your body to be able to absorb it. Please check out my post about decarboxylation and why you need it.


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