New Grasscity Discount Code for 2018

By rob / January 23, 2018

10% Grasscity Discount

This Grasscity coupon is valid for 10% off of your total purchase!

10% Grasscity Discount

This Grasscity coupon is valid for 10% off of your total purchase!

Get 10% off at Grasscity by using the coupon supplied above at checkout!

If you enjoy smoking, no doubt you have used an ice bong at some point. These bongs make smoking much more enjoyable and healthier. Passing your smoke through the water contained in the bongs purifies to some degree while at the same time enriching its flavor and thickness.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell where you can buy quality ice bongs from. This by no means implies that there are lacking in supply. The opposite is actually true: there are so many vendors selling ice bongs that you may have a hard time telling those who sell genuine products from the scams. A quick online search on where to buy ice bongs is all the proof you need of this fact.

grasscity logoOne of the most reputable online shops from where you can buy bongs is Grasscity. It has earned its place among the best for a number of reasons, some of which include the following:

Quality Products

One of the key reasons why Grasscity products are constantly being rated highly is because of their superior quality. The glass used to make the bongs is the best kind there is, and the products are properly designed. It is no wonder that some of the products sold by the company have been best sellers for ages now. Some of those products include the exquisite Black Leaf Elite Baker Base, the Straight Mini Ice Bong, The Glass Double Chamber Saxo Vapor and the Straight Cylinder Ice Bong.

Quick Delivery

If there is one thing that online headshops are infamous for, it is delayed deliveries. Of course, there are exceptions to the norm. Grasscity belongs to the latter category. Once you order your products, you can expect them to be delivered within a few business days. In the unlikely event that your order will be delayed, customer care will be in touch with a reasonable explanation for the delay.

Excellent Customer Care Services

Moreover, the company is deeply concerned with customer satisfaction. For this reason, customers can always get any support they need from customer care at any time of day or night. Your questions and concerns will be addressed as soon as you raise them.

Discounts and Coupons

The company offers massive discounts to those who order bulk goods from this shop. Additionally, you should always be on the lookout for gift coupons as the company is fond of giving them to its customers. With these discounts and coupons, you could end up saving plenty of money.


These products are some of the best on the market as any Grasscity review will reveal. This reputation has been built over the years. The company consistently sells only quality products to its customers. It is also careful to deliver the products as fast as possible to avoid inconveniencing buyers. In case delays are inevitable, the company notifies buyers beforehand and then ensures that the products are delivered as soon as possible. In case customers are dissatisfied with the products or have any concerns regarding them, there is a customer care team that is always ready to address such issues. With such quality service, it is no wonder this company is rated among the best online shops.

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