The Best One Hitter Dugout of 2020

By rob / April 4, 2020

one hitter batzombie survival dugoutEvery mobile stoner should have a good dugout in their tool bag. It’s non-negotiable. It makes smoking on the go a million times easier and convenient. Trying to fumble around with a joint or a blunt can be a costly mistake when you’re out and about, or just plain annoying.

By using a dugout one hitter instead, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, bud, and you’ll be much more discrete.

The Best Dugout Pipe of 2020

The best dugout on the market is the Zombie Survival Kit For Smokers. It comes with two spring loaded bats and a large bud compartment.

As you can tell already, it’s far from your ordinary dugout. Most dugouts only come with one bat and a tiny little weed compartments. It’s almost like there’s some conspiracy to make sure we can only store a super small amount of weed in them or something. Well, the Zombie Survival Kit remedied that problem as well as several others.

zombie skfs hitterIf you’ve been using these for awhile, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with your fair share of malfunctioning springs. It’s by far the most annoying part of these otherwise perfect kits. The lids can be annoying too, but the spring takes the cake.

When the spring in the bat compartment goes out, you’re left awkwardly trying to cover the bud compartment while dumping the bat out. It’s a weird circus-like maneuver that sometimes ends in a tragedy.

If this ever happens to any of your cheap dugouts, just get a better one. Don’t waste your time fidgeting with a cheap piece of crap. If you’re lucky, your bud will only fall out in a safe place. If you’re not, this circus move could result in wasting your whole stash by accidentally dumping it out somewhere unrecoverable.

Useful Features

zsk dugoutThe Zombie Survival Kit has custom soft-touch springs that won’t eject into your eyeballs (still hover your hand to be safe) or give out on you. The springs are much better than the penny-springs in the cheap knockoffs.

These are actually made in the United States and have a durable, maybe even indestructible build. After all, they were designed with the looming zombie apocalypse in mind.

The other most annoying part about cheaper versions is the lid. Eventually it gets too loose and doesn’t seal tightly anymore. This kit fixed that problem by making the tightness of the lid adjustable. You get to use the screw at the bottom to loosen or tighten the lid. You can even take it apart to access the secret stash compartment.

In case your friends want to smoke up all your weed and leave you with none, you can let them. Thanks to the secret stash, you’ll have enough left for wherever you’re going next. The stash spot is just a bonus feature for me.

The features that sold me were the double bat, custom springs, and adjustable lid. Those three things fix the major problems with most dugouts. Not to mention how badass the bats are. They’re deluxe bats that won’t get too hot in your hand either.

It’s pretty evident that this kit was made by smokers, for smokers.

I didn’t even mention the two perfect pokers or the free 4″ joint tube that comes with it. If this sounds like the kind of kit that will satisfy your needs, you can get it straight from the manufacturer with free shipping from their website.

zskfs purchase proof

What Is A Dugout

A dugout pipe is a little kit that allows you to discretely take your weed with you and smoke it on the go. These little cigarette-sized kits usually come with a container to house your weed and a pipe (aka bat). The bat is spring loaded and pops up when you open the compartment housing it. Your weed will be stored in the other compartment.

Packing It

one hitter bat

Packing your dug out is as easy as can be. You don’t need anything fancy, just your bare hands and your dugout kit. The first thing you need to do is break up your weed small enough to fit in the compartment. You can grind it first if you want, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Grinding it first will only save you a couple of seconds down the road so it’s not really a big deal. Once your weed is broken up small enough, put it inside the proper compartment.

After your weed is in the compartment, press the bat down in the other compartment while simultaneously closing the lid. Now with your weed loaded and your bat in place, you’re ready to take a trip.

Using It

To use one of these, all you need is a lighter and some weed. Since the weed is stored inside the dugout, the only extra thing you need to carry is your lighter. It’s pretty much an all-in-one kit. But if it had some kind of lighter attached or built-in, that would be so badass.

So you’ve packed the goods, took a trip with your friends, and now it’s time to spark up. The process of using the one hitter is extremely easy. First, twist or slide open the lid while keeping your hand over the bat. By hovering your hand over the bat, you’ll prevent it from popping out of the compartment and flying into your face or off a cliff. A good spring-loaded bat can jump out of it’s compartment like you wouldn’t believe. It’s smart to play it safe and protect yourself.

After you’ve retrieved your bat from the compartment, you’re just about ready to smoke. All you have to do is jam the bat down the weed compartment several times until it’s loaded with weed. A good bat will have a sharp edge, allowing it to cut through the weed with ease. That’s why you don’t have to grind it to smithereens. If you did grind it up nicely, it’ll load that much faster. Just a couple presses and you’ll be ready to take your hit.

When you’re finished, just put the bat back in the container and close the lid. This is easiest way to pack for a mobile smoke-sesh. When you smoke, you won’t even have to touch the weed with your fingers, keeping them from picking up the smell.

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croydon - March 8, 2018

i got mine because you recommended it and I love it! thanks rob!

Ashley - June 18, 2018

I’ve never used a dugout before and am excited to try it!

Lori B - June 26, 2018

I really have enjoyed dugout for years. Can smoke driving down the road, because it looks like a cigarette.

Shawn - June 30, 2018

I make the baddest hitter box in all the land,at least that’s what I’ve been told

    Luna - June 30, 2018

    Feel free to shoot me an email. Would love to hear about it.

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