Sploofy Smoke Filter Review

By Luna / October 4, 2017

In a previous post I touched the topic of how to hide the smell of weed. I elaborated a bit on how to turn toilet paper roll, some dryer sheets, and paper towels into a little smell/smoke filter. After being a pro at building these things I realized that the smoke was still present.  Also, after a few uses the dryer sheets were not able to hide the smell of the weed.  I figured that I would just continue to make a new one each time since, they weren't "that" time consuming and I was on a budget being in school and all. Well, if you are tired of making these little filters and have $20 just lying around I suggest that you invest in a Sploofy.

Instant Filtration

Stop harmful or offensive particles in their tracks with Sploofy's HEPA filtration system. Simply exhale into the cartridge and enjoy a smoke-free environment everywhere you go. I know that I am able to exhale into this little guy and not have any smoke follow be anywhere.

Minimize Odors

Prepare yourself for any unexpected guests. Sploofy contains premium activated carbon made from coconut shells that absorbs odor at it's source. So, along with not having smoke follow me, I  also do not have any smells lingering around me either.

Refill Cartrid​​​​ges

The Sploofy cartridges can last months before needing replacement. Just twist off your old cartridge for a new one, and you’re ready to go.  When I first replaced my cartridge you can see all of the gross build up that you are actually exhaling into the filter.  I was astounded to see that it really did  filter everything.

Quick R​​​​eview

I actually got my first sploofy as a gift.  Being an avid pot smoker out of college, I was used to just making a quick toilet paper roll filter.  When I first laid my eyes on the Sploofy I was kind of confused.  I asked my sister "What is this?" she responded,"it's a sploofy!" and then again I asked "What is it?"

She then proceeded to show me how it works by taking a huge bong rip and exhaling all of the smoke into the sploofy.  I was surprised to see that no smoke was coming out of the end of it.  There was also no smell.  My first response to this sight was "What the f***??" and "let me try!" I went ahead and tried to take a bigger hit from the bong than she did and then exhaled into the Sploofy.  There was no smoke and no smell!

 Now every time I smoke I use my sploofy. After a couple months I go ahead and buy the refill cartridge, which are around $13.

I 100% recommend buying one after having used one.  When I used to use the toilet paper roll, the dryer sheets would only mask the smell after a few uses. Also, there was still smoke, the toilet paper roll would not eliminate the smoke. If you want to discreetly smoke at home or in public the sploofy is definitely the way to go.

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