Stages of Being High That We All Know Too Well

By Luna / October 1, 2017

Who doesn’t love getting high with friends and being able to relax and bond at the same time. The best way to bond while smoking is to go out on adventures and explore the world.  Even if “exploring the world” only consists of going to the mall, the movies, or even the park, you can bet that you are going to be in for a good time. If you all just opt for staying in and just chilling at your place or a friends place you will still have a great time.

Stage 1: We are doing this!

At this stage you and your friends are fired up about the idea of being high together.  You are thinking about all of the fun things you could possibly talk about and watch while you are stoned.  At this time everyone is passing around the bong, one hitters, or blunts that they have rolled up prior to this outing.  You’re all ready to take on this experience together.  Hopefully everyone was smart and packed/rolled up a sativa strain for this so that all of your creative juices start flowing. Of course, being with your friends brings on a tiny sense of competition so you obviously take a few more hits than you usually would. You start trying to restrain yourself from coughing an embarrassing amount. This is when conversation starts flowing and you all start to feel it. It happens quick and you have the

“Whoa, I’m pretty fucking high moment”

Stage 2: Euphoria, Elation, and Happiness

This is right after your – “Whoa, I’m pretty fucking high moment” – you feel a sense of euphoria.  This is a great feeling.  You feel more in tune with your self.  You and your friends are having great conversations and you are cracking up with laughter for an unusual amount of time about one insignificant subject.  We’ve all been there, erupting with laughter of something dumb that doesn’t even make sense. At this point you all are in deep conversation and your body feels heavy as fuck, so you just sink back into the couch.  Right now, you are happy about everything and your mind kind of drifts.  This is when everyone starts settling into their chairs and the conversation dies down.

Stage 3: Deep Thought, Reflection, and Contemplation

Welcome to stage three! This is the stage when your come down from your euphoric world and your mind wanders.  This mind wandering usually consists of your place on this earth and you become very aware of everything.  You will think of a ton of random things and relate them back to your life. Such as the movie you saw last Wednesday, the time you were at the bank and saw an old woman taking our her check book, your dog laying out in the sun. You begin to start back up deep conversation with your group of friends when you become overwhelmed with your thoughts.  It is great to have your friends around so that you can see their are also thinking about weird stuff just like you.  You talk about life, the universe, darwinism, etc.

Stage 4: Paranoia

Okay, so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  If you are a first time smoker and are trying to see “what smoking weed for the first time is like” do not let this word scare you from trying. Just remember that what you are feeling will wear off and you will start feeling back to normal. During this stage you will start feeling a sense of paranoia and anxiousness. At this point you probably need to get off of the couch and start being a little more active.  You bring up with idea that you all probably need to eat and everyone agrees.  You realize that everyone is still pretty high so you decide to take control of the situation and order UberEats (food delivery) for everyone and have them just Venmo (it’s just like Paypal) you back. Then you all decide on Mexican food and you all just order a butt load of food.  This happened to me a few weeks ago actually, we ordered Ubereats, we got caught up in conversation and then we hear a knock on the door of my apartment.

“Paranoia sets in”

I swear I thought it was my landlord.  I panic, and gather all of my weed paraphernalia and proceed to throw them in my closet.  Start fanning the smoke in the living room with my blanket. I light a candle, and my friends that are also stoned hide in the guest room.  Did I mention that we have dogs?  Well, they are all barking up a storm and not helping with this stressful situation.  Finally, I get around to getting to the front door and then boom, I realize it just the Ubereats delivery person. Feel like a huge idiot and my friends are laughing at me.

Stage 5: Munchies

After that fiasco I had, I was super happy to know that it was just the Ubereats delivery person.  At this stage you are hyper-aware that you are starving.  You unpack the food from the bag and are super excited that you are about to devour your huge order of “Cali fries”.  Let me describe how immaculate this dish is.  Cali fries are seasoned fries topped with cheese guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, and you meat of choice.  My meat of choice was Pork Al Pastor which is achiote marinated, diced and grilled.  

It was the best fucking thing I could possibly eat after that situation. My mouth is water just thinking about it. Actually, I am looking at their menu right now trying to make life’s hard decisions. During my consumption of this meal, I think back and am super happy that I decided on this order and continue to tell my friends that we are smart and made the right decision about ordering this food. Every bite is pure bliss.

Stage 6: The Decision (To Get High again or Let it Fade?)

Right about now you are satisfied with life.  You think to yourself I could go for another round and repeat this process all over again because it was fucking fun. Or you can just let the high affects from the marijuana fade and get back to your normal self. This is a tough decision.  For me, if I have an responsibilities to tend to I save the weed for another time.  If I don’t have any other responsibilities, I just go at it again.      

If you are are newbie and are curious how long your high should last be sure to check out one of our latest post’s about the duration of your high.

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