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I cannot tell you how many glass bongs I have bought where I have gone to pick it up and some part of it cracks. You all have been there I know you have. I have also had the part where you insert the down stem just crack off. This is also partly my fault because I was poor in college and could not afford a nice bong.

But that is beside the point, what I really needed was a bong that could last all of the wear and tear and wasn’t crazy expensive. I needed something that was perfect for my “no income/living off loans” lifestyle. What I actually needed was an unbreakable bong or a strong silicone bong.

I graduated from college back in 2014.  Around that time there really weren’t that many websites where you could buy bongs that I felt comfortable buying from.  They all looked sketchy because weed was still taboo.

It’s 2018 now so a lot of the online head shops are pretty reliable. But back in 2010 to 2014 stuff like this was hard to find online.  I felt like a criminal searching for this stuff, but I felt even weirder going to local head shops where you felt really sketchy walking in and out.

Let Me Tell You About This One Time

I have one memorable instance where I wish I was able to buy a bong online and have it delivered to my door.  That day I was coming back from exams and had pulled an all-nighter the night before.

You all know how I felt, for those of you pulling all-nighters studying for exams, you know what I mean. Back to the story, I just came home and wanted to take a rip of my bong and just pass out for like 5 hrs.

I went to go grab my bong off of the kitchen counter and me being tired, my depth perception was off. I grabbed part of it and knocked it off of the counter instead. It shattered, I was devastated. I had to make do with my little one-hitter which wasn’t that bad, but it was super clogged so I had to clean it before I could smoke out of it.

The entire time I was cleaning it I was angry because I had to find all of the material to clean it, but now you can just buy bong cleaner online. Also, I was wishing that I had a bong that wouldn’t easily break.

What I Was Looking For

Nowadays you are able to go to a shop find really specific items, like an affordable and unbreakable bong.  I had been promising myself that I would make this my next purchase once the bong I had given out. Well, recently it did and I am in the market to buy a new bong.

There are some things to consider though if you are in the market for a new bong.  For my needs, I still wanted something that was not expensive, something that would not break, and something on the smaller side for portability. Of course, I did want something aesthetically pleasing if the reviews were good enough the look of my bong was not high up on my list.

What I Found

I was searching the internet for a reliable online head shop and came across a few.  Dankstop was one of the top online head shops listed.  I was looking around their website and saw that they had some made of silicone!

This was the first time I had seen this.  There were some fold-able ones and they even had videos of people throwing them on the ground and the bongs just bouncing back. I am a pretty clumsy person, people mistake that for me just not taking care of my things. But for real, I am just clumsy. If you are like me than what I’m presenting to you might be just what you need.  I know that a durable silicone bong could fix most of my problems.

It was incredible, I thought to myself “this is exactly what I need!” I was a little skeptical though, how are these things not melting when you light your bud? I did more digging and finally decided to narrow down my search a bit more and picked out the Nucleus Skinny Beaker Bong.

Nucleus Skinny Beaker Bong

The Nucleus Skinny Beaker Bong is just like any bong that you will find on the market.  The only thing really different about it is that it is made of silicone.  This bong is discreet in size which is perfect and it comes in a variety of cute colors.

When I was looking at this bong it was everything that I really needed.  The price point also didn’t break the bank. Dankstop has a sale right now where you can save 25% on this bong.  Plus there is free shipping so that came in handy. There were a lot of other sites that showed the piece being cheaper but with shipping, it came out to equal or a little more than the Dankstop price.


  1. Aesthetically pleasing
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Inexpensive


  1. Bowl is a little small, but it’s got healthy sized rips
  2. Water splashes back if you inhale too hard, because of the size of the bong
  3. A little difficult to clean, but doable

Special Features

These Nucleus Skinny Neck Silicone Beaker Bongs are packaged with a male bowl made of clear glass that is 14mm. The bong is about 7.5″ tall and comes with a 1″ silicone removable downstem. The down stem for those of you that don’t know is the glass tube that allows smoke to travel from the joint into the chamber of the bong.

The rest of the bong is composed of food grade silicone. This thing has a melting point of 1200˚F+, which is pretty crazy.  The first time I looked into this bong, I was wondering if it could take the heat.  I was surprised that it actually can take the heat and then some.

The bong is dishwasher safe, but I recommend using a bong cleaner solution to make sure all of the build-ups is cleared.  The size of this fella is perfect for me since it is on the smaller side. And if you were to drop it, it won’t break because it is made of silicone!

In addition, this is one of the basic water pipes.  The shape is of a “scientific beaker.” You know the ones you would use back in science class. The wide base of the bong makes it hard to tip over. The mouthpiece is flared to conform to your mouth.  It is comfortable and not awkward at all.

What People Said

From my research, before I actually purchased this piece, reviews were pretty great.  A lot of people raved about it. The pros and cons list I mentioned earlier really hit the nail on the head. Many people mentioned the convenience of the pipe.  It was portable and the size was great.  There was some mention of water splashing back, but it really was not that big of a deal.

Some Decent Alternatives

Nucleus Silicone Beaker Bong

This is the big brother to the one mention in this post.  It sits at 14″ tall and has the same exact features as the skinny neck beaker bong, but bigger. The price of this guy is around $50, which isn’t bad, but a big part of my decision on buying the skinny neck bong was the price point.

One other difference is that you are able to detach the beaker base from the neck. This does make for a lot easier cleaning, and you are able to see how much water goes into the chamber.

This might be worth coughing up the extra $10-$20 for it.  This bong is just as durable as the skinny neck beaker bong. With this one, you also do not have to worry about water splashing back up. This one also features the basic glass pullout making for great hits.


Nucleus 10″ Straight Tube Silicone Bong

Another food grade silicone product by Nucleus, this straight tube pipe provides most of the same features and benefits as the other two bongs.  It is pretty easy to clean, comfortable to hold, does not knock over easily. The major difference is that it is a straight tube water pipe.  This means that the design is straight and vertical from the base all the way up to the mouthpiece.

Nucleus 14″ Silicone Straight Tube Bong

Just like the 10″ straight tube bong, Nucleus has made a 14″ one. Same features as the one listed about except it is 14″ tall.  Hits great and its design and composition make it great for durability.  I love the color selection they have for this bong.

Nucleus really does have the hang at making the indestructible bongs.  It is a no-brainer in choosing this brand because it is one of the most popular.


Dank Stop Roll-A-Bong Silicone Bong

This was a brand new concept to me and I was a little hesitant to look into it because it was a little weird. BUT, after researching it watching videos the product was pretty genius.

Have you ever wanted to bring your bong along on your adventures, but did not have room for it or did not want to break it? Well, Dankstop has come up with a solution for all of us.  This portable bong can FOLD down to the size of your hand.

Each Roll-A-Bong is made with 100% healthcare grade Silicone. So the materials are safe to smoke out of, the smell of your weed and smoke does not stick to this thing. You do not have to worry about that over time. This thing is also indestructible and dishwasher safe as well.

This Bong is also very cheap, just $23 and free shipping!  I am definitely going to purchase this next because of how cheap it is and the raving reviews.

To Conclude

My problem was to find a bong that was able to take the everyday wear and tear damage I would inflict on it.  I also needed my new bong to be inexpensive and somewhat pretty to look at.  I found all of those characteristics in the Nucleus Skinny Neck Beaker Bong.

If you are in the market for a durable bong this one may work for you.  It worked for me and I recommend it because it really did solve all of my problems.

If you really consider it click here to check this product out

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