Top 3 Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones For Smoking Js

By Luna / April 25, 2018

Joints are a staple to the avid pot smoker.  You cannot come across someone that has not smoked from a joint. I have written an article a while back about “How to Roll a Joint”, but for those of you have have tried and tried countless times and have decided to just give up on it learning to roll with your hands, well you’re in luck! I am going to review some pre-rolled cones with filters for you all to choose from.

What’s a pre-rolled cone? Well, its descriptions is literally within its name.  It essentially is just hemp paper prerolled into a cone for smokers, like you and I, to pack our ground up weed into. So if you are struggling real hard with perfecting your hand rolling technique, pre-rolls are the way to go.

Organic 1-1/4 Prerolled Cones with Filter (75 pack) with Cone Loader

Raw is definitely one of the more well known brands and is trusted around the world.  Raw has come up with a line of cones made from their organically grown chlorine free pure hemp.  What is nice about this package is that is come with a cone loader to make for simpler cone loading.  I know picking up weed with your fingers can get really old.  You find the weed just sticking to the oils and sweat on your hands and in the end just wind up wasting more weed that you intended to. Each cone is also able to hold about half a gram of weed, depending on how tightly you decide to pack it.

At first glance, you will notice that pre-rolls are very thin light tan paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. The color of the paper is dependent of the hemp used during production. The taste of RAW Organic is just like clean smoke that is best described as natural. It feels very natural and isn’t hard on the the lungs or throat. Which can only mean that it is grown without harsh pesticides or toxic non-natural fertilizers. The cone shape lets more weed burn at the beginning, and then less weed is burned with each hit you take. As the hits from your pre-rolled cone get stronger, you in turn  are burning less of it. Each puff you take will feel just like the first one you took.

Elements Rice Paper 1 1/4 Pre-Rolled Cones with Filter Tips – Bundle (75 Pack and Small Rolling Tray)

Elements is another decent brand name that has become well known. This bundle comes with 75 prerolled cones that are 1-1/4″ in size AND and small metal rolling tray. They cones are made from “Natural Earth Friendly Materials: Rice and Sugar.” So each of these Elements pre-rolled cones are watermarked, which prevents runs and allows for the smoothest and most even burn possible.

What is really interesting about how this product burns is that it creates zero ash.  So since these cones are made of Sugar and Rice, instead of ash the burned part of the cones creates a sticky caramel residue as it burns. These cones are super light, tasteless, and produce minimal smoke.  You do not get the harsh hits and in turn, less coughing! These cones are definitely a crowd favorite.

Cyclones Pre-Rolled Natural Hemp Wraps

Cyclones is another great brand that you can find in your local Cannabis Dispensary.  These pre rolled cones are made from natural hemp, no tobacco used.  For each order you will receive 12 individual pack, which contain two cones per package. What is also nice about this is that there is an ES Scoop card included.

Not only is it easy to fill, but it comes in a flavor sealing reusable tube. You can even use the tube as a snuffer to extinguish a partially burning Cyclone. This particular product comes in four different flavors.  The one pictured above is Natural, there is also Blueberry, Grape, and Strawberry flavors. I would say you could fit about a gram and a half into each roll. These pre-rolled cones burn slow and are full of flavor.  I know I have caught my self just taking a lot more hits than I need to just because the draw from it was so smooth.

Skyway Viper Tube Doob Vial Waterproof Airtight Smell Proof Odor Sealing Container

If you are looking for an easy way to travel with your joints or blunts that you have rolled, please check out these! So this is literally just a plastic tube that is waterproof and airtight. It will keep your joints and blunts dry and will seal the smell off cannabis inside of the container. These are very easy to travel with and are very discreet.  I know I have snuck in a few blunts with this guy and breezed through security and metal detectors (it helps that its all plastic). You can’t go wrong making this purchase just to be safe and presentable in public.

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