Ultra Klean 1 Hour Detox Drink Competitors

By rob / May 17, 2018

The industry leader in the detox drink business is Pass USA. They make a 1-hour detox drink that comes with a 500% money back guarantee.

ultra klean 1 hr detox beverageI think it’s crazy to offer such a generous guarantee, but it shows you how confident they are in their product. The Ultra Klean drink is the only detox product that I keep in stock at my apartment. You never know when you or a friend are going to need one.

I like the Ultra Klean drink because it works, and I like Pass USA because they have generous policies and have been around since 1993. But the reality of the matter is that they’re not the only THC detox company around. There are many others as well. I will be putting these products to the test in the future so lookout for that article. But for now, I’m just going to gather some information from the internet and introduce you to some of Pass USA’s competitors.

1) Test Negative Rescue Cleanse – $45

Test Negative is a company that specializes in helping you pass your drug test. They do offer a THC detox drink, but it doesn’t seem to be their main product. From scrolling through their website, it seems their focus is more on hair follicle detox shampoo and fake urine.

rescue cleanse

The reason I say this is because their 200% money back guarantee doesn’t cover the detox drink. If you rely on the Rescue Cleanse drink, or any of Test Negative’s other drinks, you won’t get a refund if you fail.

As a consumer, that makes me feel a lot less comfortable with purchasing their detox beverage. Their money back guarantee is smaller than Pass USA’s, and it doesn’t even cover the Rescue Cleanse drink. So why should I buy their drink over Pass USA’s? Pass USA’s drink is $1 cheaper and comes with a 500% money back guarantee. Need I say more?

Overall, Test Negative looks like a legit player in the drug testing industry. They have a much better looking website than Pass USA, that’s for sure. I’m guessing their fake urine and detox shampoo are their best products since they have the guarantee. I wouldn’t buy their detox drink personally. Just my opinion.

Visit TestNegative.com

2) Quick Clear Double Detox Drink – $39.95

The Rapid Clear drink is carried at DetoxForLess.com. Similarly to Test Negative, Detox For Less seems to focus more on synthetic urine than detox drinks. Nonetheless, they do sell beverages as well. The Quick Clear drink comes in two flavors, Blueberry Acai or Orange Mango. Both of those sound delicious! Their website looks decent. Not quite as nice as Test Negatives but nicer than Pass USA’s 1990’s-looking website.

quick clear detox drinkAlso, another cool thing about this product offering is that it comes with some pre-tox capsules. That’s pretty sweet if you ask me. Everything looks good, but there’s one thing I noticed, or didn’t notice.

There was no mention of a money back guarantee. I think in this industry, a money back guarantee is imperative. Without it, I find myself doubting a product before even giving it a chance since other companies offer guarantees. After noticing that there was no money back guarantee plastered on the product page, I dug around their website to see if they offered one.

Satisfaction Guaranteed?

At the bottom right corner of the screen their’s some text that says, “SATISFACTION GUARANTEE” in all caps. Yes, they’re yelling. Even though it’s in all caps, it’s relatively small and it took me a while to find it. The good thing is, they offer a guarantee on all of their products, unlike Test Negative. The bad thing is, their guarantee only gives you a refund of your original purchase minus shipping.

Basically, you’re going to still lose money if you fail your test and need a refund. You won’t be refunded for the original cost of shipping or for the return shipping. The product is only $40 and you will pay over $10 for the combined cost of shipping. You won’t get much money back.

The last bad thing about the guarantee is that you need the original bottle or packaging of the item (which is standard). Well, if you didn’t know they had a guarantee, then you probably won’t keep the packaging or bottle. Pass USA gives you instruction on how to claim your refund right under the directions on the bottle. With Pass USA, you only need the bar-code, not the whole bottle.

Also Pass USA makes it easy to see their refund and policy on the product page. With Detox For Less, it seems like they’re banking on you throwing your bottle away before your failed test. That way after you fail and go look up refund information, you won’t be eligible.

Remember, this is just my opinion based on digging through their website.

Visit DetoxForLess.com.

3) XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink – $39.95

Off the bat, one of the first things I noticed is that this drink comes with “PreClense Pills.” The other thing that caught my attention is something that I thought was impossible. Their website actually looks worse than Pass USA’s website. I never thought I’d see the day.

xxtra clean cleansing drinkSo what is the XXtra Clean drink all about? It’s a tropical flavored drink that should clear your system of all the toxins that can make you fail a drug test. Can it actually do that? Idk. The website doesn’t make me feel all that comfortable purchasing from them. The reviews tab only has two reviews, one from 2015 and one from 2016. It’s one thing to not have a reviews tab, but to allow customers to write reviews and you only have two from several years ago isn’t all that comforting.

Other Things To Note

I noticed that there aren’t any instructions on the product listing. It says that instructions vary from person to person and that they’ll give you custom instructions if you contact them. So you mean I have to buy this product and then contact you for instructions? That’s insane. As a consumer, I love convenience and I hate talking on the phone. This is where I’d close the tab and look for another product.

Lastly, I didn’t see any kind of money back guarantee listed. I’m not going to dig around their archaic website to look for it either. The lack of instructions, ancient reviews, and the repulsive website are enough to send me elsewhere. There’s no need to even dig around to look for a guarantee. It’s not clearly advertised like Pass USA and Test Negative, so it’s safe to assume it’s hidden or it doesn’t exist.

Visit TestClear.com.

Why Is Everyone Pushing Fake Piss???

I think a lot of companies feel safer selling synthetic urine than they do selling 1-hour cleanse drinks. There is more room for error with a cleanse drink than with synthetic urine. With synthetic urine, all you have to do is keep it warm and hidden and you’re in the clear. With THC detox drinks, you have to drink it at least an hour before your test, drink some water, and urinate several times after taking it to clear your system.

These drinks are extremely simple to use, but relying on people to follow instructions will definitely result in some failures. We all have a friend or two that can’t follow instructions worth a damn. A company can blame you for not hiding your synthetic urine, but you can blame the company for failing a test after taking a drink. I think synthetic urine is less risk for the company, but way more inconvenient for the consumer.

I prefer THC detox drinks because they’re less hassle. You do have to time the drink to sync up with your test, but that’s not all that hard. I’m usually given a specific time for the test, which makes it easy. I’ve never carried fake urine before, and don’t plan on it. I would feel paranoid if I had a stash of fake urine in my draws.

The cool thing about fake urine is that you could take your drug test high! It definitely has some other benefits too, but not enough for me to make the switch. I’d be paranoid that the company could detect that it’s fake urine (unlikely) as well as getting caught with it. Just my opinion on the matter. But that’s why I think so many companies are pushing synthetic urine instead of the age old detox drinks. Are detox drinks a dying breed?

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