Weed Metrics: How much is an Ounce, a Half, a Quarter, an Eighth, and a Gram of Weed?

By Luna / November 11, 2017

Weed Metrics

Okay. Let’s get down to the basics and figure out the correct weed metrics for when you hit up your dealer or head into a dispensary.  I know during my first times buying weed I searched online many times for the correct amount I wanted to buy, the average pricing, and the correct terminology to use.  This process can be quite daunting because you do not want to look stupid.  You want to look cool during this entire transaction. Let us begin by going over the weight differences in the amount you buy.


Gram is a unit of measure.  Grams are usually the smallest amount of weed that you can buy. If you are a beginner a gram may last you a few smoking sessions, but for avid smokers you can typically find this amount in a joint.

Eighth = 3.5 Grams

You will hear people say eighth and you will then think an eighth of what?  An eighth refers to 1/8 of an ounce.  In college an eighth or a half eighth (1.75 grams) would usually hold me over.

Quarter = 2 eighths = 7 grams

A quarter is (yes, you guessed it) 1/4 of an ounce.  I would usually buy a quarter if I planned on getting really stoned.  When I lived back in the Mid-West and there was a snowstorm coming I would stock up on weed just in case I got snowed in.  This has happened a few times and I have learned that the perfect amount for me was a quarter. I have had a few snow days and passed the time by smoking a shit ton of ganja, snacking up, and playing board games / video games (shout out to Fable 2!).

Half = 2 Quarters = 4 eighths = 14 grams

Okay at this point you are most likely a huge pot head like me and like to buy in bulk because you can. A half is 1/2 of an ounce.  I typically buy and Half if I am planning on cooking with my weed.  I actually made firecrackers a few times and you can find the link here. Most of the time I like to roll joints and blunts and be more social with my weed when I do go out. I like to “Smoke people out” because I find joy in sharing and getting my friends high and talking about life’s intricasies.

Ounce = 2 halves = 4 quarters = 8 eighths = 28 grams

An ounce is the unit of measure we keep referring back to when we break down the weights.  An ounce of weed is a lot for yourself.  For me I usually share the wealth and cook for and smoke out my friends with this amount.  I guess the more I have the more social I am haha.

How much does weed cost?

Now that you know the terminology and are prepared to buy the amount you want, you’re thinking how much am I going to spend? Let’s work our way up from the bottom and go through average pricing. It would also help if you purchased a cheap scale to make sure your dealer is legit and isn’t skimping you.


 ($10-$15) it’s all dependent on the quality of weed


($30 – $40) Again it’s dependent on the quality of weed.  You might see pricing up to $50 -$60.


($80 – $120) Once again, it’s all dependent on strain and quality.

Half Ounce

($130 – $180)  Prices vary when you buy bigger amounts of weed.  You can start to see discounts.


($200 – $350) Another big variation in price due to amount and quality of weed.  Again bigger discounts.



Hopefully you feel confident enough to make your purchase.  Now you are a pro and can answer your friends questions when they need advice. Please leave a comment and let me know if any of this information has helped!






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