What’s It Like To Get High on Edibles?

By Luna / January 29, 2018

Get Ready to Dive Into the Edible World

It is all kind of the cannabis experience. Sooner or later you will want to try out edibles. Depending on the type of edibles you buy or make, your high will vary.I know that the few times that I have made firecrackers I have had quite the trip.  I always make them a little too strong and have a great psychedelic-esque experience.

I bet when you had your first edible you expected to get the same effects as smoking. And, I also bet that you were surprised to find that it was a completely different high.  Eating edibles and getting high off of smoking marijuana give off different effects.

How Do Edibles Effect You?

You may notice that when you ingest and edible its effects seem much stronger than smoking or vaporizing weed.  The reason why you feel this way is because when cannabis is eaten the THC is metabolized through your liver. When it goes through this process you end up with an intense body high.  When you smoke, the THC is routed directly to your brain which gets you high faster, but also fades away faster.


You may have heard that when you eat and edible your should start off with small portions.  The reason for this is because of the way edibles are metabolized.  Ingesting cannabis can take 30 minutes to a couple hours to kick in.  Once the effects kick in they can last for a good amount of time.  When I eat an edible and I always start feeling a head high in the beginning.  For me a 10 mg dosage is good enough to last me 4 to 5 hours.

With edibles you kind of ride waves of a high.  It starts of slow, then it starts to increase, then you peak, then you start to feel an up and down roller coaster high.  This is when I feel like I’m coming down off of it but then I hit another peak and then progressively come back down. I am usually ready for bed when I’m done feeling the strong effects of the edible.

Few Of My Favorites

I just recently visited Colorado and was able to hit up a dispensary to pick up some ganja and a few edibles I wanted to try out. Two in particular were Chocolate that was flavored like Coffee and Doughnuts and I also had Strawberry and Banana flavored Gummy bites.

The entire chocolate package was 100 mg of THC. So in turn, each piece had 10 mg.  This edible tasted just like french toast for some reason and it was to die for.  The high was great, I was very relaxed and happy, which was great after a day of snowboarding.

The Gummy bites came had 100 mg of THC in a pack.  Each gummy had 10 mg of THC.  I took this the first day there.  For some reason I was very sensitive to these edibles.  I was literally riding a roller coaster on this edible.  I had a lot of highs and lows with this one.

It was a really good high, but in the end made me very tired.  I did not mind this at all because I knew that I did not have any other plans for the night.  My only plans was to just get super baked and I succeeded.


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