What is Shatter?

By Luna / September 2, 2017


As the usage of Marijuana has evolved, so has the tolerance of most pot smokers.  “Shatter” contains up to 80 percent cannabinoid content, which in turn can carry a heavy hit for users.  It is also just one form of dabs (marijuana concentrate).  Just like dabs, The THC and CBD, a plants psychoactive chemicals, are extracted through running a solvent – propane, carbon dioxide, of butane – through buds of marijuana, and this process pulls out the cannabinoids. The solvent then evaporates and we collect the left behind resins. In the end the consistency of Shatter is glass like, this then cooled into a flat sheet of “glass” and then when broken, the resin “shatters” hence giving it its name.  Cool huh?

This concentrate is the most robust and potent of the all the concentrates.   The reasoning behind this, is through its additional filtration processes. Purity is what everyone is going for when more filtering steps are involved.  Hydrocarbons, also known as terpenes, are filtered out.  This rids the resin of its marijuana flavor and scent.  Natural fats are removed, which in turn leaves more room for absurdly high amounts of its active ingredients.  Hopefully, by now you get the point that “Shatter” is going to pack a punch in small amounts, so be advised to not over do it if you are fairly new to this product.

The Equipment

So if you decide that you want to dive further into making shatter part of your high ritual, I suggest that you invest in a nice dab rig.  What is a dab rig you say? Well it is basically the same concept as a bong but instead of a bowl there is a glass nail.  A butane torch is used to heat the glass nail to around 575 – 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the nail reaches this temperature, one will use a metal dabber to pick up the shatter and hold over the glass nail.  In doing this the shatter is instantly vaporized.

Also, as a reminder, please refer back to the beginning of this post if you are new to shatter.  Shatter is highly potent so test your tolerance by starting of with small hits.  Do not try to prove yourself and take a bigger hit than you need to.  You do not need to prove anything.  Just enjoy your self and test the waters to feel out what you are comfortable with.

So all of this would be a bit of an expensive investment. Dab Rigs vary from $100 to $200 and then of course you will have to accessorize and actually buy the shatter.  You are not limited to just shatter though, you can purchase oils and budder.  I will elaborate more on those two types in a different post.

I highly recommend investing in a dab rig of good quality and one that is aesthetically pleasing.  If you are going to have to spend a lot of money  anyway so you might as well spend it on something that you will love every time you smoke.



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