What’s It Like to Get the Munchies and Why Do We Get Them?

By Luna / February 5, 2018

I may be biased, but I really enjoy the munchies.  What are the “Munchies” exactly? It literally is the feeling of hunger after smoking weed and being high.  During this phase of being high anything and everything will satisfy your appetite.

I am a huge foodie to begin with, so I love the taste of food. Like I said earlier, I love getting the munchies. When I combine smoking marijuana and indulging my palate with some tasty junk food I know that I am in for a good night.

How Would You Describe That “Munchy” Feeling?

Well, it is kind of an odd feeling if you are not an avid smoker.  Your brain is literally telling you to eat. Even when you have eaten an entire family size bag of chips, your brain is still telling your body that you can eat more. And then you do. I definitely have weird cravings and try to mix and match what I already have in my pantry

Why Do We Get The Munchies When We Are High?

It is our brain’s fault. The role of “POMC” also known as Proopiomelanocortin neurons, which are found in the hypothalmus, is to control our feeding behavior. When we smoke weed, the cannabinoids that are present cause our POMC neurons to become over stimulated. In turn, our brain does not receive the signal that we need to stop eating.

Smoking marijuana enhances our senses and when you combine that with not being able to register being full, you will find yourself over indulging in food. I, myself, don’t see anything wrong with this.  I do try to balance out my beige eating with going to the gym and when I can, try to eat healthy.

I love Chicken & Waffles 

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