Why I Smoke Weed

By Luna / August 7, 2017

I smoke weed and I’m a woman

Not all women that smoke weed are half naked and lay next to bongs all day. I like to think that I am a normal woman that smokes weed. Why do girls women weed? Well they smoke weed for the same reason all other human beings smoke, to relax, de-stress, and enjoy life in a different mindset (well that’s why I do it). It’s way easier and nicer to my body than alcohol. The only time I really only drink alcohol socially, and even when I do drink socially, all I really want to do it go home a smoke a fat bowl before bed.

I’m Not the Stereotypical Pothead

I would not consider myself a slob by any means.  From the start of my pot head life I have always been responsible.  I tend to all of my chores and errands before I sit back and smoke a bowl. My day usually consists of hitting the gym at 5 am (I like to work out early so that I have more “me” time at the end of the day to unwind). I go to work from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  After work the first thing I like to do is get a snack like fruit or pretzels, next I pick something to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO now (or I just stream Anime online, anime and weed go hand in hand). Then I start to pack a bowl or pack my one hitter. I’ll usually take 3-4 hits before I start my evening festivities.

Some people like to grab a “cold a one” from the refrigerator and get a good buzz while they enjoy a show. I love to get high. Being high while watching a show makes me feel more relaxed. I can get enveloped into a show and not have any other worry at that moment. Then I remember I have snacks ready for me to eat! Then I go at it and demolish them. I’ll do this for two to three hours and then the effects of the weed wear off by then or if I need to sober up after smoking I’ll stand up and do some exercises or do some quick chores around the house and munch on some more food.

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I Love My Life

That’s my normal day. Weed makes me enjoy life and always puts me in a good mood. When I am in a good mood I like keep up with my family and friends. Pot has helped me develop better relationships with a few of my siblings.  It is something that we can converse about and bond over.  There have been a few great family get together’s where my siblings and I will just get stoned out of our minds and just talk about life and reminisce.

A few other things that I have fun doing while high is exploring the great outdoors and people watching.  Anytime I go out on my paddle board I usually bring a joint or my one hitter with me.  Being high on the water makes for good nature watching.  You literally have more respect for the earth when you are high. As for people watching I like to be out in public in very high traffic areas, like malls or theme parks.

I usually go to the mall on “Black Friday” to people watch. I know this location on this particular day could be pretty overwhelming, but if you just grab an Auntie Anne’s cinnamon pretzel and find a good comfortable spot in a common area you will definitely have a good time. Movie theaters is another good place to go to while stoned. I like to sit in my parked car and smoke a bowl before heading into the theater. A good tip would be to buy your tickets ahead of time online and have them scan the QR code on your phone. That way if you’re kind of a paranoid person your social interactions will be limited.

Being high all of the time is a great way to enjoy life in a different mindset. Well, I’ll go further into things that I enjoy in a few other posts. I just wanted to get my point across that I love weed.

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